Puppy Pillows

I love pillows. I would fill my whole house with pillows if I could (okay I have). The downside is pillows are ridiculously expensive for what they are. I expect to pay around $40 for a feather pillow in a regular store and maybe $25 at HomeSense. Crazy when you need five for across your couch. So when I got my sewing machine from my Mom for Christmas I was very excited to start making my own.

Let’s just make this clear, I am not claiming to be a skilled quilter here. I’m good at straight lines on a sewing machine: curtains and pillows are my specialty. So when I got some cute puppy fabric with my sewing machine I knew I was ending up with puppy pillows or puppy curtains, and I think the former sounds much better.

Max and I are currently building an indoor dog house – more on that later – and so I thought some puppy pillows would be a nice addition. I started out with some feather inserts:


These are from IKEA and they are MY FAVOURITE. They are only $8 which is the cheapest you will find for a feather insert. The closest I’ve come to that is $12 at Chapters/Indigo. They also come all rolled up so they don’t take up a lot of space if you’re hoarding them in your closet for future projects (not that I would do that). I used up my stash for these pillows (hint hint Aly if you want to be a good sister and go to IKEA before you come home).

The sewing is really quite simple. Since these inserts are 20″ x 20″ I like to use fabric squares cut to about 18″ x 18″ so they end up nice and fluffy. I just put two squares together inside out and sew up three sides. Then I turn it right side out and insert the pillow, fold the edges in and sew up that last side. You can get fancy with zippers and that, but I don’t have that kind of patience.

The finished product:



You can see I used a different fabric on the back so they are reversible (and because I didn’t have enough of any one colour).


This picture (above) shows my finishing edge (which is the only one with the stitching on the outside). If I wasn’t purposely trying to show you, I would normally put that side on the bottom.



And here are the pillows on Remy’s bed (I will eventually put one or both in the dog house I think). I made these for under $10 each (including fabric from Wal-Mart). This is a huge savings from the prices at the beginning of the post. You could even buy some cheap table linens (napkins or thin placemats) to use as fabric and make these easier and cheaper!

If you wanted to use a polyester pillow insert you could make these even cheaper, but I like feather for the feel and fluffiness, as well as the “karate chop” I can make on top, which makes them look full and straight out of a magazine. Seriously, here’s a picture of a chopped pillow on the cover of one of my favourites:


If you have any questions on pillows or karate, feel free to comment below (I think that’s an option, I’m still learning).


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