The Crazy Story of my Dresser (and Other Furniture I’ve Redone)

When we moved from the apartment to our house we more than doubled our square footage. This was awesome, but also meant we needed a lot more stuff to fill our space, at a time when we were broke from buying said space.

A good way to get furniture you like on the cheap is to buy sad and ugly pieces and redo them. As long as I like the lines of a piece I know I can stain or paint it to fit in with my style.

This first piece is my little entryway table. I bought this from the Salvation Army in Thunder Bay for $7. The day I found this I was very excited because I thought it would be way more difficult and take much longer to find a small enough table for this little wall. When I found it, it was really rough and sticky and a horrible warm oaky shade. I loved the metal base and knew the top was solid wood and I could fix it up.

I sanded it down, and then roughed it up with a screwdriver. Scratching a wood piece like this before staining allows the gouges to take the stain deeper, and therefore darker. That gives the rustic look I love. I stained it with Minwax Jacobean and finished with a coat of Polycrylic (which won’t yellow).

This next piece (modelled by the lovely Remy) is my breakfast nook table. My dad got it for me for free from a friend of his. I sanded the top (lightly as this is a wood veneer and not solid), banged it up, and then stained with my favourite-Minwax Jacobean. I decided to paint the legs (Just Chillin’ by Beauti-tone, which I had on hand) because there was no way I was sanding all the nooks and crannies.

My office table is another piece where I painted the bottom and stained the top (because #lazy). The bottom is Blank Page  by Beauti-tone and the top is of course you guessed it- Minwax Jacobean. I used nails and a screwdriver to beat this one up. You can also put a bunch of screws in a bag and hit it with a hammer all over the surface. I got this on STORAGE WARS for $40.

I did the least amount of work to this last piece but it has the best story by far. It’s my drug smuggling dresser. Or my drug mule dresser? I’m not sure which name has more punch.

I already loved the finish of the wood so I didn’t change it at all-but I did paint the top, only because it was in such rough shape.  It’s Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-tone, my favourite navy.

I got this dresser from the little cabin or party shack at my camp. Knowing we were low on furniture, my parents said I could take one of the dressers from out there so one day Max and I drove out to pick it up.

This thing had a big mirror attached to the back that I didn’t want. As we were hauling it out of the cabin we noticed the mirror was noticeably pulling away from the frame. Stuffed up there was a little Ziploc and as soon as I pulled it out I could smell skunk.

Basically some hooligan had stuffed their weed brownies up the back of the mirror. There are so many people through that cabin and so many parties held there we don’t even have an idea as to who they belonged to. If you have any information you can call crime stoppers. Just kidding.

A big mistake a lot of people make is buying furniture just to fill a space. This usually means you end up with pieces you don’t love. I like to take my time and redo furniture to save money. That way even if I change my taste in a few years I haven’t wasted a ton of money.

If you have questions on redoing furniture or if you left weed brownies in my dresser just let me know in a comment!


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