My Gallery Walls 

The first thing I hung on the wall when Max and I moved into our first apartment was actually a collection of things. And when I say I hung please know it was Max and he used all the proper anchors because deer antlers are heavy and very sharp (not something you want falling down). I’ve been long obsessed with gallery walls and the impact they can make. And now that we’re in a larger house, I’ve expanded my number of gallery walls to three (and a half, kind of-you’ll see what I mean soon).

My first gallery wall is in my living room, and it is the exact same as that first one I did in the apartment. When we moved I literally took a picture of it and took it down, and then rehung it here in the same way, because when you get something right you don’t mess with it.

This gallery wall is mostly from Chapters/Indigo. They have a great little section with frames and prints and wall letters so you can create your layout and buy all the pieces there very easily. That’s where I picked up the letters and frames as well as the deer print (below).

The other print is my Ron Swanson, which I ordered off of Etsy because Parks and Rec is a hilarious show.
My bigger frame is the legend of Sioux Lookout print. If you live here there’s an unspoken rule that you have to have this somewhere in your house.

And then there are the deer antlers, which came from a deer, so good luck finding your own set.

I’ve seen a lot of different ways to hang a gallery wall, many of which include cutting paper to the size and shape of your objects and placing them and nailing them first, then ripping the paper down and what not. I don’t have time for that.

I like to lay out my pieces on the ground like the professional I am and play around until I find a arrangement I like. As long as you balance out your wall with a few different shapes you can’t really go wrong. Also I’m not afraid of making holes in my walls (sorry Max) so if I get the floor arrangement up on the wall and I don’t quite love it, I’ll just move things a bit until they’re pleasing to my eye. Im really quite good with spackle.

My second gallery wall is on the wall of the stairs leading up to the bedrooms on the second floor. I really wanted something that flowed up with the stairs and I love the way this one turned out.

My sconce is from Home Hardware ($20! We had to replace the brass monstrosity that was there when we moved in immediately). My sunburst mirrors are from Target (RIP) and the frames are from HomeSense.

Admittedly the frames (which I picked because I love raw wood and I thought they would look nice with the wood banister and floor) still have the pictures that came in them- and two of them are the same picture. I plan on changing them to some different black and white pictures but I haven’t been able to print any yet. Also #lazy.

My last gallery wall has already been shown and is in the office. This one was fun because I got to put some useful things like a bulletin board in since it is hung within reach behind the desk.

I added the clock to break up all the straight lines, and because clocks are useful in an office. It has a pretty wood stained frame. All the items for this wall are from HomeSense.

I tried to hang things both on and between the stripes so that it didn’t look too uniform.

I also have a half of a gallery wall going downstairs to the basement. I don’t know why this niche exists except to drive me crazy and give Remy a weird place to lay periodically.

And the carpeted ledge? I have no idea what I’m going to do with that yet. I do plan on expanding this half a gallery wall eventually but I’m not entirely sure what I want so for now it looks like this.

The frames are from Wal-Mart and hold some pictures of the princess. They were cheap and honestly, they look it. I would recommend the Chapters frames over these in a heartbeat.

If you have any questions on gallery walls just ask!


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