The Master Bedroom

 When we lived in the apartment pretty much the only thing that would fit in our bedroom was the bed itself. Therefore when we bought this place I was excited to be able to decorate beyond the bed. I was able to create a little sitting area in the corner and add a dresser, and max and I can actually walk around the room freely now instead of bumping into the bed all the time, which is nice.

Our bedding, nightstands, and lamps are all from Target. The throw pillows are from Wal-mart and the navy pillow in front and the sunburst mirror as well as my full length mirror in the corner are all from HomeSense.
My trunk was a gift from my mom and the wall colour is Let’s Get Cozy by Beauti-tone. I made our navy upholstered headboard myself with some mdf, fabric and batting, and nailheads.

From the other side of the room you can see the ensuite and my walk-in closet, but those are stories for another day.

In the corner I have this leather recliner (which we stole from Max’s parents garage – oops) that holds an anchor throw pillow and my fur blanket. I love anchors and Max got me this for my birthday. It matches our sheets (which have navy anchors and are by Ralph Lauren) perfectly. The fur throw is from the Bay and I got it half off so I love it even more than I normally would.

I made the curtains myself (straight lines are my sewing machine specialty) out of navy blue fabric that I got for $3/yd! If you don’t know anything about fabric, just know that’s CHEAP. All the curtains I found in stores were about $50/window so $150 for this room. I made these myself for about $40 total. I like to hang my curtains to the ceiling (about 96″). It makes ceilings look higher, windows look bigger, and increases Max’s experience in rehanging curtain rods.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look inside our room. It’s still not complete because we do hope to rip out the carpet soon (carpet in the room I sleep + my allergies = all the sneezes). Let me know if you have any questions or if I forgot to include where something is from.


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