Our New Indoor Doghouse 

When we bought this house, one of the perks of the private sale was being able to communicate lots with the previous owners.

One of the things they told us was that the space under the stairs is hollow and they had always intended to put a big door on the outside and store their Christmas ornaments under there.

We decided to store our dog under there instead.

We started by cutting a hole in the wall. I used a little saw and cut a small circle (because I always call dibs on demo) so that we could see inside and make sure it was suitable for a dog house before we caused more destruction. Then Max used a cutout tool to cut the actual door. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of this because I was too excited to cut into my house but I do have a picture of the piece we removed with the dimensions.

We chose 29″ height and 16″ width using sophisticated techniques (based on the height and width of Remy).


Max then framed the door out with 2×4’s, hung up drywall on the inside, taped and mudded. I’m not going to go into the drywall process because we’re honestly not very good at it.

Then we laid down the underlay and continued the flooring throughout the dog house.
Max then trimmed it out and I stained and put poly on all the trim.

I use Minwax stain in natural and finish with a oil-based semi-gloss polyurethane on top for all the trim in our house.

Once that was all done I added a little bed, one of the puppy pillows and some toys to it.

Remy is enjoying it already. It is actually very large and the bed only takes up about half the total area.

Here’s the view from the inside out (I fit!) and Remy wondering what I’m doing in her new house.

Right now it’s a bit much to have two beds and dog nooks right next to each other. Our plan is to build some sort of gate for the dog house in the next few months. We’re going to expand our family with a little brother for Remy this year. The new dog house will work as a dog crate for the puppy with an area for Remy to lay beside it. Until then she can enjoy both spaces as the most spoiled dog around.

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