The Living Room 

 Our upstairs living room is one of the most used rooms in the house. Despite the larger TV and living area in the basement, when it’s just Max and I we often watch TV on the couch up here.

Our couches are an Ashley Furniture build-a-whole-room-for-$1000 special. We got them used from a friend for a great deal, but I urge you DO NOT BUY THESE. There are some things that you should spend more on to ensure quality. A couch is one of them. We hope to upgrade in the future (hint hint to my favourite upholsterer uncle) and replace the love seat with a nest chair. If you don’t know what a nest chair is, you’re welcome for the introduction.

Our TV stand was part of my bedroom set from my parents house. Most of our decor is from HomeSense and our coffee table is from IKEA.

I have my HBC stripe blanket (a Christmas gift from max two years ago-I love anything with these iconic stripes) over the back of my couch and a bunch of design books on my coffee table.

Remy was intent on photo bombing every picture I took. If you want to know where anything specific is from, just ask.

This room connects via extra-wide doorway to the dining room and the entry.

 Behind the couch we have our bookcase and a little bench (aka Max’s trunk). I visually extended the bookcase by placing tall objects on top and I placed some pillows on the trunk to make it into more of a seat.

Above the trunk is my Don Nigewance picture. There are actually 14 wolves in it (fun party game-count the wolves) and Max got it for me for Christmas. The plan is to put my Grandma’s piano in the bench spot eventually, and move the trunk to make a window seat. Eventually I would love to bump out the window to a bay window with a real window seat but the rough quote on that is $3000-$4000. Might be a while.

If you have any questions on the living room, let me know.


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