Recent Woodworking Projects 

Yes, you read that title correctly. Have no fear, I was not using any power tools. I do however, have a fiancé who decided this week that he wanted to get into woodworking. I took full advantage of it.

You see, I’ve been pinning cool projects for years now in the hopes that someday I might convince Max to actually make them. When he asked me for some things to do, I wasted no time.

This first project were some simple DIY arrows. I found these on Pinterest with a Etsy link where they were being sold for $70. There was no way I was paying that when Max’s grunt labour is free.

We had some plywood flooring left over from when we finished the bar area in the basement (post to come) so all he had to do was cut some 45 degree angles to make this arrow. You can make them as big or as small as you want.

I stained the boards in Minwax Special Walnut and then dry brushed some Minwax Jacobean stain on top to darken it up in some areas. I finished with Polycrylic (won’t yellow) and we used wood glue, staples, and a small piece of wood on the back to attach the two pieces together. Then Max nailed on mounting hardware and we hung them up on our weird niche. I think they turned out really cute.

Next, I had Max build me a shelf for behind the bar area to hold liquor bottles. We used IKEA Ekby Bjarnum brackets and some leftover wood from when we made the open shelving in the kitchen. He planed down the wood and sanded it so I could stain it with Minwax Jacobean. It was pulling a bit red so I added a light gray wash on top and finished with Polycrylic before he hung it up for me.

It will look even better once you see the whole context of the area. I can’t wait to have the entire bar complete.

The last project is my blanket ladder. I’ve seen these floating around Pinterest forever and initially wanted one for towels in the bathroom. This would fit nicely over the toilet as a rustic towel rack if you skipped the lower rungs. I’m using mine for blankets in the basement.

Max used two ten foot 2x4s to build this because that’s what we had around (and free), and that’s the length he recommends to minimize waste. I have no idea how to build things so he gave me a play by play and I took notes:

  1. Cut down each board to 6 ft for the sides.
  2. Angle the bottom feet to 15 degrees so it leans nicely against the wall.
  3. Trial and error to measure top angle to sit flat against wall. Cut by hand.
  4. The rungs are 18″ long and Max planed the 2×4 down to 1×4. Alternatively you could buy a 1×4 and skip the planing but where’s the fun in that?
  5. After he made all his cuts he sanded everything smooth with a belt sander.
  6.  Assemble ladder with screws and wood glue (this thing could hold a human). Max screwed the rungs in on an angle so my blankets wouldn’t sit all flat.
  7. Fill holes with wood filler and sand. This may take a few coats. Max sunk his screws fairly deep and it took about three coats.
  8. Stain (I used Minwax Special Walnut) and finish with Poly (Polycrylic is my preference to avoid yellowing).
  9. Haul really heavy ladder into multiple rooms until I decide where I want it and ultimately ask for a second ladder.

You can see Max stuck some felt furniture pads on the top so it doesn’t scratch the wall. Ours is on carpet but if it was on a wood floor you may want some rubber on the feet to prevent sliding.

I already have him working on a second one for the living room (at 66% of the size of this one – I decided this one looked too big up there) and will likely ask him for one for the master bedroom. And the bathroom. I’m obsessed.

If you have any questions let me know.

Linked up with the April Pretty Project Party via Life on Virginia Street.


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