Thrifted Home Decor Finds

I am an avid yard/garage sale aficionado and a Salvation Army regular. I love places like HomeSense and searching for any home décor really, but there is nothing quite like bringing an armful of things up to the register and spending $1.75 total – and that just doesn’t happen at regular stores.

With my sister arriving back home for the summer next week, and the warm weather (supposedly) on it’s way, I decided to do a bit of a rundown of my finds before the upcoming garage sale season and time for Aly and I to nonchalantly rap Thrift Shop every Saturday morning as we search for crap treasures. Perhaps I can make this a regular updated topic here.

This post is very picture heavy. I didn’t realize how much I had until I started writing this, so I’ll just give small descriptions of each under the photo. Hopefully you can get some tips along the way.

 Is it a log? Is it a candle? Who wouldn’t want both? This was from the local Salvation Army and I love it. Also bonus points for the navy blue candle already included.
This is a handmade welded star candle holder. I love stars and this still had the tag on it when I found it at the Salvation Army.
This is a small wicker basket from the Salvation Army that i spray painted white and now holds some fake snow-dusted pinecones on the back of my toilet. Baskets are a great thing to thrift – always so cheap and lots to choose from. Baskets in regular stores are overpriced, in my opinion.   This is a pretty stamped glass carafe. Max said he always wanted a carafe to keep orange juice in but I don’t let him do that. I usually put flowers in it on my dining table but this week…
    …I’m using this pretty new hurricane. I just got this at the Salvation Army last weekend. I really liked the blue-green look of the glass. Glassware like this is often overpriced in regular stores and there are SO MANY VASES at thrift stores. Also the little black metal container next to it (with stars because I know what I like) was also thrifted from the Salvation Army. I’m going to do a bigger post on the dining room shortly. Another basket, because it was cheap and I liked the shape, and the black cat teapot are both thrifted. The teapot was a gift – I collect cool teapots.   These candlesticks are from a garage sale last summer. I added the bows as part of my Christmas décor and Max said he liked it and not to take them off. Also they were hard to make and I burnt my fingers badly with a hot glue gun in the process so we’re going to enjoy them for as long as possible.
This banana tree. It was plain when I found it but I scratched it up and stained it. Salvation Army Thunder Bay.   My spaghetti container – love the blue-green glass – from Salvation Army. And my Navy bottle which I thought was thrifted but now remember was given to me from my mom.
These candle sticks, which were untreated but I dry brushed. From Salvation Army in Thunder Bay.    My eat chicken milk container from Salvation Army, which I liked because that cow is sassy.

My little wine rack. Salvation Army.     My new ice bucket for the bar area. This is actually some kind of synthetic leather material that is printed to look like wood. I loved the mirrored top as well. Salvation Army.
  My flashlights. These are more of a “found” item then a thrifted item, but I still included them because they were free and I love them. Also the star on the base? Awesome.
This rug. This was the greatest find, I was so excited I was bouncing around the Salvation Army bugging Max “I want it, please let me have it, can I have it?” You get the picture. I don’t have a place for it yet because of it’s small size. I would like it in the basement (because of the deer) except it is too small for the living area and creates the island effect. As a general rule, a rug should not float in the centre of your furniture like an island, but should be large enough so that at least the front legs of all pieces (eg. couches) are on the rug. I think it will eventually go under the desk in the office,  or in a future nursery. I don’t want to put it there yet because I don’t like rugs layered on carpet – so I’m waiting to change the flooring.

Even though I can’t display it yet, I think it may be my favourite thrift find ever.

  This galvanized lantern. It’s actually a set of 2. I love anything galvanized.
This picture is actually pottery (even the frame) and has a cool sticker on the back. I looked up the name and it’s worth about $100, and was all hand carved. I just brought it because of the golden retriever buddies. I imagine this to be Remy and her future brother. Salvation Army. I painted the navy blue outline – it was gold before and I’m not a fan of gold.

 My two mason jars. These have stickers on the bottom from Michaels – $10 each. I paid 50 cents for the pair at Salvation Army, and they’re blue and ceramic.

I also have some more thrifted baskets in my pantry to help with organization (you can see that soon) and some of my furniture is thrifted, see my post on furniture I’ve refinished here.


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