The Dining Room

I knew I wanted a navy blue dining room before I even knew which house we were buying. I really like the look of dark walls and think it can work really well when you have a room with enough light, and that is exactly what this room was built for. It has two outer walls with good sized windows, and is fairly open to the adjoining kitchen and living room so that light from those rooms can pour in as well. I also really wanted this room to feel intimate and cozy, and a dark colour can help to achieve that easily. We actually use this room a lot, eating dinners in here daily, because we like to pretend we’re adults. Also because it’s navy blue. The walls are Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-tone, my favourite navy. This was my first ever room cutting in, and with a really dark colour! I am now a firm believer in cutting in, because painters tape is frustrating and I don’t have time for it. I may expand on our painting techniques in a future post. I brush, and Max rolls usually.

Our table set was a gift from my aunt, and the placemats are from Urban Barn. The tray is from HomeSense, the deer candles from a local store. Remy’s bone making an appearance is from PetSmart, it’s a Nylabone.
  Here you can see how the room opens to the kitchen and the living room.
Our buffet is handmade and a bit of a found object from Max’s office. The lamps are from Target, décor is HomeSense or thrifted. My brie baker is awesome and from Chapters/Indigo, you can find it here.    A close up of my table top. I change the tray up and change placemats for different seasons. The vase and star holder are thrifted and the salt and pepper shakers are from HomeSense. Max usually ensures I have flowers on my table but these ones are actually a gift from the Figure Skating Club at the year end show.

I love these windows. The shape is so interesting and they look so cute with a wreath hanging over them at Christmas time. On the left is my Remy picture, perhaps the new pup will get a matching one on the right someday (hint hint).   This is a wood-burned piece done by our friend Cam, and is likely the nicest thing he’s ever made (but I love my dog and am biased).
  The light is here is pretty, but too small for the room. It was brass when we moved in and I spray painted it black. I want to move this to my closet eventually and get a hanging pendant/chandelier for in here.
In the corner we keep our step stool. we use this in the kitchen a lot because we’re both tiny and cannot reach anything in our cupboards. Also makes a nice extra seat. It is from King’s Furniture in Kenora, which I love. I would buy all my furniture there (and at Urban Barn) if I had the funds.

Hope you enjoyed my dining room, let me know if you have any questions on this room.


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