Barstools: Apparently Really Hard to Find

With the bar project wrapping up (all we need is for some of the art I’ve ordered to come in and to finally install a countertop on the thing) it was time to look for some barstools. With a trip to Winnipeg already planned a few weeks ago to go to a hockey game, I naively figured we could pick some up while we were in the city. Boy was I wrong.


Apparently bar stools are extremely rare. And extremely expensive. You can see in the picture above – from Ashley Furniture, which I do not consider to be the best quality – that barstools can cost up to $300 each! Considering we need at least three for across our bar, that was not an option. I like to think I’m pretty thrifty and I’m not going to ruin that by dropping a grand on some stools.


On top of that, many of the models available are these hydraulic stools (above), which feel very cheap and wobbly. Definitely not a great option for a bar, I can’t imagine trying to stay upright on one of these after a few drinks!


On top of that, we had wanted something more rustic looking (like the above) for our bar. So for $300 a stool, we would be getting something that felt cheap and unsafe, and didn’t match the design I had in mind. We decided to cut our losses after visiting almost every furniture store in Winnipeg and just look online or elsewhere. I don’t mind paying a bit more if it’s a quality item, but the stools we were looking at were expensive and cheap at the same time.

A run down of the wishlist for the bar stools we will ultimately land on:

  • has to have a seat back – Max’s one demand
  • would prefer metal as there are already a lot of wood tones in the bar area
  • rustic looking
  • preferably not going to bankrupt us

With that, I turned to Wayfair. I had heard a lot about it but am always unsure of having large items shipped, as we are in such a remote area. Shipping on Wayfair is free and they have a Canadian site with the prices shown in Canadian dollars, so I started looking at the options.


This stool has the metal look I want and comes in a variety of colours. Price is also not too scary.


This is a nice option too. The colour may be a bit too bronze for me but I like the lower back and the square shape of it. The price is for a set of two, so not bad.


I think this one is the winner. The price is for a set of four, so do not be scared off by that. I really like the colour of the metal and the low square seat back. I like that it does not have arms so will push in nicely.

I hope to order bar stools next month and call this project done! Let me know which is your favourite and if you think I should go with the last option – that is what I am leaning towards at the moment.


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