My Favourite Home Decor Books

I’ve always loved to read. I remember when I was really little reading my Mary Kate and Ashley books under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping. My mom would periodically catch me and tell me I was “straining my eyes” and that I had better stop. Now I have horrible vision so I guess I’ll give her that one.

My love of books has only grown since then. I still read a lot of fiction (though I have advanced from the Olsen twins) but have really grown to appreciate decor and design books. A few of my favourites can be found below.

This first book is my newest addition, by Lauren Liess. Lauren is a blogger at PureStyleHome and a professional interior designer. This book shows a lot of her clients homes as well as spaces from the home she redid for her family.

Her design taste is a bit different than mine but she has a great eye for neutrals and greenery.
She also offers a lot of practical advice on design elements such as window treatments.

This next book is Domino, from the website and magazine of the same name. The book itself is gorgeous and looks great as a decor piece.

This one is great for beginners, divided by room.

These two are both by Sarah Richardson, who is a genius. Sarah had an HGTV show called Sarah’s House that I loved.

Sarah Style is more of her client work and a bit glamorous for my taste, but everything is so beautiful.

At Home Sarah Style is tales of her homes. She has a lot of them, including her cottage which fits more into my style. She also includes some more personal things like family recipes.

This is the first book by Sherry and John, of Young House Love blog fame.

This is more project specific with each idea numbered as you can see above. Good if you’re looking to get into DIY.

This one is just beautiful. It had a nice book jacket but when I saw the marble look of the actual cover I ditched it.
This is full of eye candy, and is mostly pictures. There is a lot more colour than one would expect!

These two are by Emily Schuman of  Cupcakes and Cashmere, a blog I frequently read. The first is more centered on all things beauty and girly, while the second focuses on her home.

Another blogger, Erin of Elements of Style succeeded not only in writing a great book but also creating a coffee table masterpiece.

Look at the spine! And the inside is leopard print!
Erin speaks a lot about her life and experiences, so it is a interesting read if you follow her. I love her design style and the daring things she tries.

Also her house is picture perfect in black and white with the cutest shutters. I have a girl crush and a house crush.
The last book is by Melissa of The Inspired Room blog. Her book is beautiful, with copper foiling.

I love the way Melissa writes, in lists and bullet points.

She gives a lot of great tips and beautiful pictures of her home. She recently moved and I’m excited to see how she decorates her new house.

If you have any questions on decor books let me know! As well as any others I should check out!


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