Yard Work: The Worst Thing You Could Possibly Spend Your Weekend Doing 

We spent the entire weekend out in the sun, which sounds like a nice time. It wasn’t.

Here I present to you, some ugly pictures of my yard.

Our yard was an absolute gongshow. We moved in to our house in September, and the previous owner was really into gardening. She went too far with the amount of plants in our yard.

Since there were a lot of perennial gardens, and I didn’t want to risk pulling plants that would come back (because I don’t know anything about gardening) we just kind of let everything die.

Bad idea.

We started by getting rid of a lot of the planters, especially freestanding ones. We wanted to limit the number of plants to a semi-manageable amount.

Max raked the yard (including the fenced in back yard which is gigantic and I refused to rake) and Remy played in the woods while I weeded the gardens.

Some time and many garbage pails of crap later our yard became a little bit less of an eyesore.

Now the perennials can come back (lots of little green buds already showing!) and I can pull into the driveway without sighing.

I also raked out the beds lining the driveway and the raised vegetable garden beds. We actually have more work to do out here- taking out some beds because there are still too many- and painting our little outhouse (below). Max also has to finish a bit more raking in the back yard.

Our next project will be to put a fire pit in the back. I will update when that gets done.

For now it’s just nice to have a clean yard. Spring is here!


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