Max Went Away and I Started A Thing 

This week, Max went away for a conference for work and left me alone. I was bored so obviously I decided to make a mess.

The basement bathroom has been a weird work in progress since we moved in. It was initially blue and we didn’t have a mirror in here for six months. It’s really coming a long way but the vanity needed some help. I had lost sight of how bad it was until my sister saw it and told me it looked horrible and I better do something. Thanks Al.

Of course I didn’t take a real before picture but you can get an idea of how bad it was below.

Cheap plastic pulls always look good- not.

The cabinet itself was a dingy white laminate. It reminds me of a laundry sink and I’m not sure why they would have put it in here.

The hinges were also really rough. I tried to buy replacements but couldn’t find any that would fit this style of cabinet. I’m going to attempt to clean these ones up so stay tuned to see if that works at all.

I started by painting the towel rack. It was an ugly oak. In all the other bathrooms we replaced them with nicer metal bars but I couldn’t remove this as it was drilled right into the tile wall and would have left big holes.

I decided I wanted to paint this oil rubbed bronze, which of course I only had in spray paint. I would highly recommend NOT doing this. I only did because I’m stubborn and wanted this particular finish. I had to paper off a lot of the wall to get this done. Stay tuned for the final result. I used rustoleum spray paint.


Then I taped off my vanity and decided to paint it navy blue. Because navy blue is the greatest. I also filled in some holes from a little towel rack on the side.

I used Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-tone and my favourite Purdy brush to hand paint it. I normally don’t tape anything off to paint so it was nice to not have to cut in on this job.



I just finished the second coat and this is how it looks so far. I’ll show the finished project when I put the cabinet back together. I know painting laminate doesn’t always work out, so we’ll see how it holds up, but I figured I couldn’t make the cabinet any uglier so I had nothing to lose. We will eventually replace this but for now it will be a nice cosmetic change. The full reveal should be up soon.

Also iced tea is highly recommended while painting anything (above), as is a solo jam session to Beyonce’s new album. Max better come home soon before I find more things to tear apart.

Until then, leave me a comment on what you think of this so far. Am I crazy or will it look better?



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