Putting the Bathroom Back Together

Max flies in tonight, so naturally I had to make sure to put the bathroom back together so that he doesn’t find out that I spray painted inside the house.

Except he reads here so he probably knows.

Regardless, here’s my pretty new navy blue vanity.


I know it’s still the cheap laundry-room-looking sink that was in there before but I think it looks so much better! I gave the entire thing two coats of navy, Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-tone.


I also changed the handles out to these pretty brushed nickel ones. These are really substantial and make the cabinet look much more high end than the plastic handles ever did.

I spent a long time screwing the doors back on straight so that the two cabinet doors lined up well. They had been ridiculously crooked before.

I also decided to just paint the hinges the same navy. I tried to buy replacement hinges but couldn’t find any that would fit this style of cabinet so I ended up using the old ones and returning the ones I had purchased. I’m not sure how well this will hold up but I figure that at least this way they blend in to the cabinet and almost disappear. The rust on them before was just an eyesore.

I also took down all my overspray papers and painters tape around the towel bar. It’s a beautiful oil rubbed bronze shade now that I think matches the mirror in here really well.


My ugly little basement bathroom is now almost finished with its cosmetic makeover. All I want to do is change out the light fixture above the mirror and we can call this room done (for now). I’ll update when that happens.

For now enjoy this (almost) before and after of my cabinet.


I’ll have to see what else I can get up to before Max gets here. I know I have a lot of yard work I could do but that doesn’t sound too appealing…


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