A New Farmhouse Light Fixture

Today I’m going to talk about a space I haven’t shown yet, the reason being that it wasn’t complete to my satisfaction. I always really hated the light fixture in my eat-in kitchen banquette area and was hesitant to post a bunch of pictures (despite my awesome chalkboard wall) because of the oddly curvy wall sconce.

It definitely wasn’t the worst fixture we inherited when we bought the house, but was not my taste at all. Here it is in all it’s glory:



While you can see this fixture did not feature the offensive 80’s brass that popped up throughout the rest of the house, the lines of it really bugged me. I think it looks like some sort of trumpet hanging on the wall.

I also wasn’t a fan of the shades – the white milky glass with decorative veining was not my favourite, nor was the shape. Since I knew that this likely wasn’t staying, I also wasn’t very careful when I painted the wall and the base had some paint on it.

It had to go.

I knew what I wanted for the space in my mind, but was having a hard time finding it. I thought that a gooseneck farmhouse fixture would look really great here, shining down on to the table rather than lighting the wall and ceiling like the current fixture.

Unfortunately, any fixture I could find was outrageously expensive. I’m not sure who pays $150 for a “barn light” but I knew it wasn’t going to be me.

I ended up hitting the jackpot at a garage sale. Garage sales are awesome.


This cute little gooseneck sconce was perfect, and I snatched it up immediately. After waiting for Max to verify that all parts and wires required were there, I excitedly purchased it.


Considering what I normally expect to pay at a garage sale, this was “expensive” at $20. Since I knew how much barn lights go for, I decided that price wasn’t bad.

The colour is pretty, but a little brown. I want it to match the kitchen fixtures we recently replaced.

So I taped off the bulb socket and the cords at the back and decided to spray paint.



My favourite spray paint is this Rustoleum kind. I have it in a lot of different colours and decided to try a few out to see which I like the best.

I put the fixture on a big piece of cardboard in the garage workshop.

Then I got spraying. Max complained about the smell but other than that it went well.


Now we just have to wait for it to dry and we can hang it up! I will do a tour of the whole area once it’s complete. I’m very excited to have found such a cool light for so much less than I expected to pay!





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