The Front Porch

Sweet Southern homes in movies always have the prettiest porches. Sky-blue painted ceilings, beautiful flower boxes,and porch swings make the perfect backdrop for a Nicholas Sparks story to unfold. So obviously, I needed one.


By no means am I claiming to have a movie set caliber porch, but I do think ours is cute.

I stained the steps and balusters in the fall in a dark chestnut colour to match the trim of the house. The wood was quite worn previously. Max also painted the door (previously blue) in this shiny red, called Andi’s Scarf by Beauti-tone. We used a rust-coat type of paint since the door is metal.


I got my welcome mat at HomeSense a long time ago, this is the same one we used at the apartment. Our lantern is from HomeSense as well but was a recent find. I got a deal on it because one of the bolts on the handle was missing but Max easily fixed it. A lantern of this size should have cost me a lot more. Our wreath is from HomeSense and changes with the seasons, and the star wreath holder is from Canadian Tire. Again, I love stars.



This front door opens right into our foyer with the staircase and our doghouse area (above).


Next to our door is a hanging lantern light. We replaced the old fixture with this one when we moved in. It is from Home Hardware.

I also have this star hanging on the wall out here, because again, I know what I like.


In this little area I don’t have a swing, but I do have a glider. It was free (came with the house) so I’m not complaining.

This wall also has a super cute porthole window from the powder room.

The pillows on the glider are all from Canadian Tire, they have a great selection of outdoor pillows in durable fabric and great colours and patterns. These are over a year old and survived a whole summer on the deck at the apartment with no fading. They are way more shielded from the elements here on the porch.

IMG_1105One day when I have time (if I ever run out of projects) I’m going to sit out here with a book and an iced tea. Until then it’s nice to see when I drive up to the house.

Let me know if you have any questions. When the flowers are blooming I’ll give a flower box update as well.


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