Come Shopping With Me

This past week I had to go to Thunder Bay for work, which basically means that I had to sit through a whole day of meetings before I could run to my favourite store, HomeSense. I have a pretty good routine for my Thunder Bay trips, hitting up all my favourite stores late at night and then stopping at SuperStore for cheap groceries in the morning before I leave. That way I can maximize my home décor shopping time.

Because I love it.

HomeSense is the greatest place on Earth (aside from Target-RIP). You can find so many good quality affordable pieces and I could browse in there for hours. Today I invite you to creep on these unedited photos I took while shopping – because I know I’d love it if someone did that for me. Since I only get in there once a month, I thought this would be a fun thing to share with people who also may be wondering about new Spring stock.

(Also since I was travelling for work so I have no pictures of my house ready to post)

Anyways, here ya go:


When I enter HomeSense (this one in the Thunder Bay mall or the larger one on Kenaston in Winnipeg) I like to first do a lap around the outside of the store, starting with kitchen and around to textiles, furniture, bathroom, pillows, etc until I’m back at the front. Then I tackle the middle part, which has more decorative objects, knick knacks, storage items, you get the picture.

It’s a science, really.

Starting with the kitchen area (above), I noticed a great selection of marble items. Marble is very in style right now and popping up everywhere. I loved the cutting boards (if you look close you can see a pineapple shaped one, so cute) and the coasters and they are so affordably priced compared to at other stores. I ended up picking up a stack of anchor coasters for the bar area, because I love the marble trend, I love anchors, and I figured they would do a good job of breaking up all the wood in the area.


I also loved these slate and wood coasters (above – please ignore my ugly thumb). the slate made them heavy and substantial feeling and the hexagon shape was pretty, I just couldn’t justify layering more wood into the bar area.


This tray (above). I died. I love tree cookies regardless but stack a few to make a tiered tray and I’m in love. I couldn’t accept the $60 price tag but I’m regretting not picking it up looking at the picture now.


I loved these thick woven placemats. I wouldn’t use them for each place setting but a round one like this in the centre of a table would add great texture to a space.


These curtains with adorable pompoms or fringe edging are awesome! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers add an edging to jazz up a plain curtain but at these prices, you could purchase them ready-made! I got our living room curtains from HomeSense and I love how cheap and yet nice they are. Curtains in department stores are ridiculously priced.


Mirrors are an amazing HomeSense buy, they are ridiculously priced at any other furniture or décor store. I got all my bathroom mirrors here, and you can see why with the cute selection in just this shot. I love the ones with the rope to hang and in so many shapes and sizes!


I know for a fact that Pier 1 sells a very similar panel to this that is ridiculously popular and ridiculously overpriced. HomeSense wins again (its around $200 at Pier 1 I’m pretty sure).


This Moroccan style pouf is another great find, they are very popular right now. They had a lot of them in both silver and gold and these are usually around $150-$200. This one was $30 which is crazy if you compare it to say, my target pouf (that my dog destroyed and that was not a trending style) which was $50.


Lastly, I always check out the books section. It’s usually pretty sparse but I’ve actually bought a lot of my décor books for cheap here. I picked up this one for $8! They also had Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cookbook (which I’m currently obsessed with) here.

I hope you enjoyed following me around being a creep in HomeSense. We should do this again some time.

I promise the next post will involve some pictures of my house now that I’m back home!



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