Starting Our Backyard Fire Pit

A little while ago I decided I wanted a firepit. Kind of. It was more like I realized that Max would be wanting a firepit with the weather warming up and the snow melting and so to make sure I didn’t end up with a huge bonfire area of dead trees and scrap wood from our many recent projects somewhere in my yard, I had to plan out the whole thing before he could.

I wanted something manageable and that looked nice. My goal here wasn’t to be able to burn all of our yard clippings, but rather to roast marshmallows in my backyard. We started by getting a old tire rim (a big one) from Max’s office. There was a shiny pretty aluminum one there but he said I couldn’t have it (it might melt or something) and picked out a ugly steel rusted one. I’m very lucky.


Pay no attention to my patchy grass, I didn’t realize how bad it was until I was editing these pictures.


Basically, Max dug out the grass in a circle slightly larger than our rim. Then he made sure it was level (using a level, I assume) and put some gravel in. Then he put the rim in and filled the space around with rocks as well. That area will be covered later by our bricks anyways. He also put some gravel into the rim where the holes in the metal were to fill them.


It’s just gorgeous so far – not. The bricks will cover the outside but I may have to spray paint the inside if it drives me too crazy.


We were able to have one fire out here pre-bricks before a region-wide fire ban took effect.

My next task was to pick out some bricks. In Thunder Bay last week I looked at a lot of options. And took them out and built little fire pits in the store to see what they looked like. And put them back. Moral of the story is bricks are heavy and I’m still tired.


These were the first ones I saw (above) and were gigantic. They weighed about 15 lbs each and were just way too large for our firepit as it would have only taken six or so to make a really horrible circle around it.


I also saw these (above) which I liked but I thought were too deep and would make the rim of our pit too large/thick/wide?


These were another option (above) but they were very high up and didn’t have a price and were a little too brown for my taste so I took them out of the running.


And these (above) were the winners. They are actually the exact same as the first ones I saw that were too large, only in the “mini” version. That’s a win.

So of course I started building while people stared at me.


I really liked the colour and the tumbled look of these and the size meant I could make a nice circle. Also they were only 7.5 lbs each which when I was building my first circle didn’t feel totally unmanageable to load into the truck myself.


They also had them in brown which I thought about for a half a second.

These are called the “Mini Tumbled Beltis Wall” brick from Home Depot. They had a good angle to them to create a perfect circle and were $2.18 a piece. Each ring (I needed three for the height of our pit) needed 12 bricks, so I loaded up 36. I added two extra just in case for a total of 38.


Then I dragged my cart to the vehicle and unloaded there, but I couldn’t reach far enough into the back of the truck so I had to unload onto the tailgate and then hop up and rearrange into the box.

Max and I decided I moved them four times. From pallet to makeshift pit on the ground of the store, from the ground to the cart, from the cart to the tailgate, and from the tailgate to the box.

38 bricks x 7.5 lbs a brick x 4 moves = I’m dead.

But on the plus side now we can get a move on the next stage of this project! I’m excited to put the bricks together and will update when we do so. Once that’s done, I hope to make some tree stump seating and little benches around the pit.

Cost so far:

$2.18/brick x 38 = $82.84 + tax = $93.60

2 Tubes Landscape Adhesive x $5.29 = 10.58 + tax = $11.96

Total = $101.56

I don’t expect any further costs on this project, so I’m happy with the ~$100 price tag. Stay tuned to see the final outcome!





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