A New Headboard for Aly

I’ve made a lot of headboards.

Actually, I’ve made three now including this one but I’m going to venture a guess that that’s more than most people have made so I can go ahead and call myself an expert. In my search for an affordable upholstered headboard for my master bedroom a year ago, I realized that one didn’t exist so I took matters into my own hands.

When my sister asked for help building a headboard for her room at home, I graciously accepted (being an expert and all). Plus she said I could blog about it, and any time I make something I think of this otter meme (below), which makes me happy, so here we are.


Aly is a bit of a transient, moving between home and University, and wanted to improve her room upon returning home for the summer. The last time I built headboards (for my master bedroom and my guest bedroom) I used a piece of mdf that ended up being very difficult to hang because of the weight (though I must say it is very durable). This time around, I had Max build a frame out of 2×4’s to work from. He planed them down a bit to shave some weight and some depth so it didn’t stick out too far from the wall.


I had her buy some quilt batting (cheaper and easier to staple than foam) and we stretched two layers of that over the frame.


It turned out that Aly was pretty weak with the heavy duty stapler and so I ended up stapling most of them and she went behind me with the hammer to make sure they were in all the way and flat to the frame.


I do my best to keep my corners as clean as possible and staple away.


Once both layers were stretched and stapled we trimmed any excess off.


Then we laid the fabric flat on the ground (she selected a plain white stretchy fabric that was on clearance at Fabricland). The most important thing when selecting a fabric is to make sure it is not see-through, and to remember that if it has a pattern, your job will be that much harder to ensure it is straight on your frame.


Then I repeated the stapling routine with the fabric.

I don’t make any folds at the corners, I just pull it all as tight as I can and staple it in place.

Once that was all done, we trimmed the excess fabric from the back.


This next step is optional, but really adds a lot. Aly got these upholstery tacks that have a hammered look to them that we were able to add to the headboard.


Aly arranged them as a border and I went behind her and hammered them in.

We just evenly spaced them by eye, and only did three sides (you won’t see the bottom anyway).


Then Max put a hanger on the back (above) like what is used to hang a picture frame with some picture hanging wire.


Once Aly got it home, she hung it up like a picture with a single nail (I’m not actually sure if she managed to do this herself or if she had help).

And here is the finished product! (Below).


Let me know if you have any questions on this project!


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