Chalkboard Garden Stakes 

We’re in this weird stage in all our house projects where it seems like nothing is getting done. Which is particularly frustrating if you’re like me and you really like to get things done.

I’m still waiting on a bar top and it’s been rainy and wet out for about a week now. We can’t make any progress on yard work or the fire pit with the weather so I was feeling pretty useless.

To solve this weird rainy rut we were in we decided to do a quick woodworking project. I had seen a similar project on Pinterest and it’s so quick and easy (especially when Max does all the work) I decided it would be fun to make myself.

I have a lot of gardens (as previously discussed in my yard work post) and want to plant some vegetables eventually. With my love of chalkboards, I decided to make some chalk garden stakes to label my (eventual) rows of veggies.

We used a leftover plywood floor plank for this project, from when we did the flooring in the bar area. These were five inch planks so max started by stripping it into three using the table saw (we just used approximate measurements to split it as it didn’t matter to me if they were even).


Once we had the smaller strips Max took them to the mitre saw. He cut then in half to make two stakes and then cut a point on one end.

Then Max used a belt sander on each side just so I wouldn’t get any slivers. I took pictures and provided encouragement.


I also had Max make one smaller stake for my hanging planter of herbs out of the scrap piece on the right (above).

Next I used this chalkboard paint by rustoleum (above) on the top half of my stakes.

I used painters tape to mark off where I wanted the chalkboard to end.

Now they are all dry and ready to be used in the garden! I will post an update picture of them in all their glory if I ever get the damn thing weeded.

I did insert my herb planter mini stake already and I think it looks really cute! Also I planted that basil myself from seed and I’m very proud.

Let me know if you have any questions on this little project.


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