Things Are Happening! Progress on our Firepit 

It finally stopped raining. So we did a thing.

When we last worked on our firepit it ended up looking something like this. I had picked up some bricks in Thunder Bay but then it took forever for us to actually put it together. I blame the rain. And laziness.

Max moved all the bricks from the garage to the backyard (I wasn’t hauling them again) so we could set them up. I wasn’t about to learn to do masonry, so we picked up some of this special glue to attach the bricks (below).

Max put it in this caulking gun to apply it (above).

We laid out the first layer around the steel rim and adjusted the spacing until we liked the look.

Max applied the glue in a zigzag (I prefer to call it chevron) pattern for maximum adhesion while I placed the second row on top.

Then we did the same for the third and final layer.

We really wanted the bricks to be tight together for that top layer so we ended up with a space that we needed to cut a brick to fill. Here’s where the fun begins.

Max wiped the glue off of the space where we needed to cut a brick while Remy looked cute (below).

The piece we needed was about four inches wide so we measured it and then Max marked it on the brick.

Then he used this thing (below) which is called a brick chisel I think?

Then he started hammering away with it as well as with a smaller metal chisel. He used the smaller chisel to mark out the break line and then the larger hammer to break it.

I didn’t help but it looked hard.

It finally broke apart but needed to be chiseled down a bit into a flat cut so he hammered away.

Then he took it outside and it still didn’t fit so he hammered away some more.

Finally he applied some more glue and was able to wiggle it into place.

He was very proud (below). It was a little wet and grassy from being hammered around in the lawn but it fit perfectly and finished off the pit!

Now the pit is all finished – finally – and we can work on some seating for around it.

Coincidentally the fire ban was lifted today so we can start to use our new firepit. Also look how pretty.

If you have any questions on this project let me know.


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