Weekend Recap

This past weekend, it finally felt like we got a lot done. It rained intermittently but there was enough sunshine and dry time to work on a lot of projects, which makes me happy. Here’s a bit of a recap of everything that went down this past weekend.

I took Friday off of work because I have been travelling a lot lately and I have a lot of banked hours. Also because I had to put a financial application together last week and I needed a mental health break after all that math.

I tried to sleep in but failed, and spent the day working on the gardens. Last time I weeded I just did the perennial beds around the house so the raised vegetable beds were looking pretty scary (above).


After weeding them (I’ll admit Max helped a bit Thursday night) I went out and got some more seeds and tomatoes and planted them.


I also weeded the rhubarb garden and decided to demo the lone bed on the right (below). Hopefully I can do that soon.


We also finally got the wood for our bar top, it’s reclaimed and beautiful.


Max laid it all out to dry and spent several hours over the weekend working on planning and jointing and ripping it.



He has the bar height counter all glued together and will start work on the counter height portion this week.

We also made a trip to the bush to get some wood on Saturday.

Remy was very excited to be able to run around like a maniac.


We found the perfect thick tree and Max cut it down while I watched and held the dog and offered words of encouragement.

He then cut the tree into smaller stumps for our firepit project and ended with cutting a piece for our future driveway sign, which I will update you on when I have more work completed on it.


I made Max carry all those huge stumps out of the bush, which may be the worst thing I’ve ever asked him to do. He almost died. I could barely roll one of the stumps over.


They do make for nice seats though. I’ll do a more thorough update of the firepit in the future. After too much pizza on Saturday night, I was slow moving Sunday morning. I actually didn’t really get out of my pajamas all day, but I did get a lot done including wiping down all my kitchen cupboard shelves, a thorough clean and vacuum of the house (Max was very impressed as that’s usually his job because I hate to vacuum) and making some crock-pot chicken teriyaki rice bowls for dinner.

After dinner we worked on our driveway sign in the basement while watching TV. The best part of having your own house is nobody can tell you that sanding tree cookies in it is probably not a good idea. I wood-burned for a couple hours before bed but didn’t get much done so I’ll update on that later.


What did you do this weekend? Overall I feel like we got a lot done and Remy sure loved spending so much time outside. Let me know if you have any questions.




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