The Firepit is Done!

After over a month the firepit is finally completed!

Actually it’s probably been more than a month from the time we decided to do it and cut the hole in the ground for the metal rim and had that first fire – to now. I’m just too lazy to look back and see when that was. If you want to know more anout the first parts of this project you can click here and here.


Last time I updated you it looked something like this. Despite some rain the day after we glued all the bricks in place, the glue hardened really well and I’m very impressed with the strength of the pit. Remy can run full speed into it with out me having to worry and it breaking or bricks coming lose. She would probably hurt a bit though.

This past Saturday we went out to the bush to find the perfect tree for some stump stools around the pit. I wanted to make sure that they would be thick enough to stay upright and allow enough room for comfortable seating.


Max cut the tree into “stumps” using his chainsaw as a length measurement so they were all relatively even.

He only wanted to do two (since he had to carry them out of the bush) but I pleaded for four and I got my way.

I’ve never seen a more winded, tired, sore Max. But it was worth it (I think anyway – he may disagree).


He told me he was only placing them once so I better decide where I want them and be sure. I ended up doing  a symmetrical half-moon shape around the pit, with the picnic table that came with the house as the other side.

The stumps look really high to me but they’re actually the perfect height for sitting.


Now it’s ready to be enjoyed! I can finally call my firepit project done. I may end up sealing the stumps somehow depending on what my research turns up but for now we’re ready to use this space.


No news yet on how annoying this will be when it’s time to mow the lawn.


All I need are some marshmallow sticks! I may end up making some and will share if I do. I remember my Nanny had some at her cottage that were metal with wooden handles that were bolted to a tree. I really like that idea so I don’t have to carve sticks every time (sketchy and dangerous) and so that Remy can’t eat them.

Let me know if you have any questions.





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