The Kitchen

At this point I’ve shown most of the rooms in the house here on the blog. I even have a “Room Tours” tab up at the top of the site where you can find them all in one place. The only rooms I’ve left out have been deliberate – either because they’re not satisfactory to me, or because we’re currently working on them and I’m waiting for a big reveal.

Except the kitchen. I don’t know how I forgot the kitchen.

We did a lot of work on this room  when we first moved in, and continue to change little things to make it our own. I have even more plans for the kitchen in the future, but for now it’s way better than the one we initially walked into ( I admit I was so blown away by my love of the floors that I may have ignored the orangey-red cabinets surrounding them).



The kitchen is located at the back of the house, and this is my view when I enter from the mudroom off the garage (above). This is about half of a big L-shaped room, to the left of this photo is the kitchen banquette. 895

This view (above) is from the dining room looking the other way. You can see the mudroom doorway and Remy’s dishes, as well as my cutlery clock. I will take a sunburst in any form.



On our peninsula we have a counter overhang that allows for a few stools to eat at. On top of the peninsula I keep my everyday wooden cutting board (made by Grandpa Lew for Christmas) and our mail sorter.


We have some large pantry-style cabinets in this kitchen that I love, it was a game-changer in terms of food storage. We painted all the cupboards Hearth Stone by Beauti-tone which unfortunately was before the blog was in existence. It was quite a process and would have been good to document here. We basically took off every door  and numbered them all, painted both sides of the doors and the bases, and reinstalled with new hinges and hardware (there was depressing brass everywhere before).


We installed this open shelving ourselves. The brackets are from IKEA and I love the industrial vibe they give off. The wood we used had to be special ordered and is not reclaimed, but I tried to make it look as if it could be by not sanding it too much before staining in Minwax Jacobean.


My banana tree, Bose speaker so I can jam while I cook, and cookie jar sit on the stretch of counter next to the sink. My cookie jar is from Superstore, is owl shaped, and holds Remy’s treats.


On top of my pantry cupboards I have some wine in a rack I got from the Salvation Army and some mason jar décor.


Next to my stove I have this spoon rest from Target (RIP), a container of EVOO for cooking, and these jars of flour, sugar, and brown sugar on a cute cake stand from HomeSense.


On the other side is my toaster. I always keep my kettle and a candle on my stove as well. We hope to add an exhaust fan sometime soon but it is difficult to find a recirculating model at a good price point, since this is an interior wall.


Above my fridge I have my cookbook stand which I use to hold my cookbooks while I’m prepping (or the iPad), as well as my marble mortar and pestle and this cool jug that I got at a recent garage sale.

Yes I have a YOLO magnet. Because YOLO.


On the other side I keep my microwave and my Kitchen-Aid mixer (colour is ice blue) as well as my knife set. On top of the cupboards I have some Coca-Cola memorabilia (I’m a big fan) and if you look to the left you can see my golden retriever puppies calendar, an essential.


My sink is below the window which is nice, and I have the necessary soap and sponges around it as well as my dish drying rack for things that have to be hand-washed.

We recently replaced the faucet as the old one had rusted right through the spout.


Old faucet (above).


New faucet (above). I went with an industrial style faucet or “commercial” faucet with a coil. I like the look and I love the functionality of it so far! It’s really nice to only have one handle now, perfect for when you only have one free hand.


We also changed all the lighting in here recently. Brass monstrosities used to haunt my dreams but now I have beautiful black based schoolhouse style fixtures. You can see them in some of the above pictures, but the best view can be seen in this post. They are from Canadian tire and the over the sink fixture is from IKEA.

In the future we want to install a DIY backsplash but that won’t happen until we install new marble look quartz countertops without a lip. I’m dreaming into the distant future here. We also need a range hood/exhaust fan as I previously mentioned but I love the progress we have made from my original orange kitchen!


Especially that faucet at night in the spotlight.

Let me know if you have any questions on this room.



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