Weekend Recap 2 

I did a recap post last weekend as a way to show all the little projects I completed that don’t warrant individual posts and I really liked how it turned out. A lot of these posts are more for me to document the changes I’ve made in my house than anything so these rundowns are really helpful.

So I’m doing it again.

Max was in a fishing tournament over the weekend so on Friday night he worked pretty late to get the bar counter finished. I was very impressed I have to admit I had my doubts when he started.

I started testing different stain combinations to find something that would look weathered and gray, like the pallet wood around the base.

I settled on a mix of Minwax Jacobean and Varathane Sun Bleached. Warm but gray.

On Saturday I stained the countertop and I love it. Just need the stools to come in and I can reveal the bar area!

I also went garage saling on Saturday and picked up a milk can with a galvanized lid. I didn’t like the scene on the side so I decided to spray paint it. I’ll update you with the final look when I put it back together.

I also spent some time (with the wonderful Shelby’s help) planting the flower gardens around the yard. I had a few porch baskets and some other pots to fill that didn’t already have perennials.

I attempted some more weeding and the removal of the one raised bed but I’m weak and I hate doing it so I’m going to have to talk Max into helping me.

I also updated my chalkboard wall for summer.

And I did some wood burning work on my driveway sign.

I also made Max some cookies since I’m going to be away for work most of this week.

On Sunday night Max installed the remote for our fan and we realized we should have done this eight months ago. So. Awesome.

I also finally painted this little side table I got secondhand navy blue.

And we got a new (to us) barbeque that I gave a good scrub with Comet.

We also put in the air conditioner in the bedroom and I planted flowers at the four plex but I didn’t get pics of that.

I did get some pics of Remy though. Let me know what you did last weekend. I’m not sure on the posts this week since I’m travelling for work but perhaps another shopping post is in my future.


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