More Shopping 

I’m in Thunder Bay for work again this week and I have no idea what project Max is working on or has completed at home nor do I have progress pictures from him.

However, I do have a love for HomeSense and a lot of time on my hands. I also really liked my last shopping post.

So here we are.

These super cute cutting boards were on clearance and I was very tempted but I need another cutting board like I need a hole in my head.

Also I want my next cutting board to be marble.

I love anything galvanized and I thought these “cheers” items would be very cute in the bar area. Plus the woven handles are navy blue and it was only $10. It jumped into my cart I couldn’t stop it.

I thought this watermelon platter was super cute for summer!

I’ve been paying more attention to china recently as I’ll have to register soon. Max likes really plain plates and doesn’t like to eat off a colourful or patterned plate (I know-weird right) so a simple design like this with the black and white is what I’ll be looking for. I really liked this border style.

I’ve never seen napkin rings at Homesense before so when I did it was exciting! It was a bit of a “give a mouse a cookie” situation though because I don’t have cloth napkins. If you buy napkin rings you have to buy cloth napkins. And if you use cloth napkins you have to wash cloth napkins. And I’m not washing cloth napkins so I walked away. Maybe when I’m older and classier.

I hope you understand my mouse and cookie reference. I think it’s a fairly popular book but I could be wrong. If you don’t get it lets just say that buying napkin rings would be opening a can of worms.

These crocks. Navy blue. I die.

I need a crock in my life so I can be domestic and make roasts and stuff (which is possible in my cheap roasting pans but not as aesthetically pleasing or efficient). Very cool to see them here as they’re usually pretty expensive in department stores.

Another thing for the registry. Essentially I found a bunch of things for my registry this trip.

I also saw some upholstered headboards for under $300 which is a great deal. Not as great of a deal as when I make them myself but still.

I feel like the furniture there this trip was so on point. The woodwork and agate knobs on this dresser are so unique and expensive looking.

There were a lot of tripod lamps which are very in style right now.

I loved this table. The way the wood and metal worked together was so pretty.

I did a double take with this tissue. The scalloped edge was so pretty and they had a blue version!


They had a bunch of planters on sale which is crazy considering summer is just beginning!

I love this mirrored letter and it’s on clearance too if anyone has a “G” name. I actually had this (an M) and it broke during the move and I’m still not over it. I always look for a replacement but they never have my M.

I picked up a new picture frame for my nightstand. I love the selection here. Look how many they have just of blue frames!

The selection, quality, and prices are always so great at HomeSense. I’m addicted. I think you can expect more of these posts in the future. Sorry not sorry.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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