A Couple Small Changes 

We just got back from Winnipeg for the weekend (to see Garth Brooks who was awesome by the way).

And when I’m there I like to head to IKEA to fill my trunk with pillow inserts  because I’m a normal person.

Also because they’re $8 which is the best deal out there for feather inserts as I’ve mentioned before and because I wanted some new pillows for the basement couch.

For a long time this couch was where I sent the reject pillows to die. Any ones I didn’t love went down here and none of them really went together. I bought new pillows at HomeSense for $6 each for the recliners but the couch needed some help. Five pillows across here would have cost about $150 retail.

So I got a deal on this fabric remnant which I thought had a deer pattern camo but it turns out they’re elk. Max still liked it. I think he’s just happy I still think things with antlers make for good decor.

I ironed the fabric with my straightener because I’m a professional. And because I will be registering for a real iron eventually.

And I made three pillows for across the centre of the couch. These are about 15 x 15 so the larger inserts really make them plush and thick. I wanted a varying size and also I had to work with the fabric I had.

For the sides I used the last of my navy curtain material to make two 18 x 18 pillows. I think it turned out great and now we have a cohesive pillow theme across our couch.

I’m hoarding the old pillows in the linen closet for now but may eventually donate them.

I think the decor is really coming together in the basement (aka man cave area). It’s more brown down here but the grey walls and the soon to be revealed bar area are keeping it within my taste.

I also got these cute mugs at Anthropologie while I was in the city. I love anything with initials or monograms and these were on super sale.

I just added a couple little hooks on our open shelving in the kitchen. I think they look really cute hanging there.

Let me know you have any questions on making your own pillows.


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