Starting Our Driveway Sign (AKA The Worst Hand Cramp Ever)

I’m not sure if this is just a Sioux Lookout thing, but a lot of the houses here have driveway family name signs, especially out of town. I really struggled when I was trying to find examples on Pinterest and Google which makes me think this is not a common thing, but I wanted one regardless.


This is a decent example, except it’s clearly not a surname, but you get the idea.


I really like this one, with the sign hanging in the middle. Again, not quite a family name sign but this is similar to what people do here.


This is more of an address sign on someone’s house, but at least it has a last name on it.


I really wanted a family name sign ever since we bought the house, which is on a rural lot. I started by practicing different fonts and asking Max which he liked best. This is a great way to get to doodle your future last name all over everything.


The winner looked something like this.

Then I had to get a chunk of wood. Max sliced me a diagonal tree cookie while we were getting stumps a few weeks ago.

I also purchased a wood burner when I was in Thunder Bay a while back.


The one I got was this Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner from Michaels. The first time I used it one of the interchangeable heads broke right off and I was not impressed. It’s not that it was expensive (it wasn’t – maybe $14), it’s just that I really wanted to work on my sign.

Max rigged it up for me so I could still manage to use it so long as I wasn’t too rough and didn’t want to change heads very often and I emailed Walnut Hollow, who sent me a brand new one, free shipping, no questions asked. They didn’t even ask me to send the broken one back.

So I’m happy.


I started by outlining my design in pencil. The wet bits are my erasing, pencil comes right off of wood like this with a little water.


Remy helped. Obviously.

Then I was ready to start. I worked on this over a few nights. It’s not that it was difficult, just tedious and slow and also you should try to get into a comfortable position for woodburning. It’s not possible.


The handcramp was real.


I found the flat tip to be the best, especially for the larger antlers.


And here it is! Now we just need to work on hanging this 30lb sign. Will update on that struggle when we do.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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