The Rest Of The Basement

I realized during the bar reveal that I hadn’t done a tour of the rest of the basement on the blog. This was probably because when we moved in it was an awful tan colour (including the ceiling) and the entire room was much too brown for my taste.

But I fixed that so now you can see it.


From the base of the stairs you can pretty well see the bulk of the room. To the right is the pool table and dart board (the “games area”).



To the left are the couches and TV (the “sitting area”). You can also see a bit of the bar around the corner there.


The pool table came with the house and was a major selling point for Max. I’m really not great with a pool cue. For Christmas I got Max a ping pong topper for the table which works well for ping pong as well as beer pong – hence the cups.


I also got the dartboard for Max for Christmas. I ordered it from Costco online and it came in two days and I still can’t get over it. I like that it folds nicely away. Through that door is the basement bathroom.



The shower curtain is from Home Hardware. The mirror is from Home Sense. I updated the room with paint – on the walls and pole, the vanity, the towel bar, you name it.


This deer painted on wood bridges the games and sitting areas. It is from Coco Kisses Distressed Designs in Winnipeg and we picked it up at the home show.


The couches came with the house and I made some elk pillows for them recently. The wolf blanket is from Wal-Mart and my end table is thrifted. I painted it navy of course.


Max made my blanket ladder and the ski pillows are from HomeSense. They were $6 a piece, and are down filled. That’s a steal and I think the skis look cool in this “man-cave” space.

Some close-ups of the pillows.


Our TV stand is from IKEA (Hemnes line) and I made the curtains from the same navy fabric that I used on my bedroom curtains.


The coffee table is also IKEA (Vittsjo) and I have some décor on the surfaces.



My galvanized lanterns are thrifted.


On the coffee table I have a tray with some coasters and “man-cave” books. Max found this candle in HomeSense and we corral the remotes here as well.




Here you can see how the bar area relates to the rest of the room.

I have several photos up in the sitting area as well, a collage of pictures from my sister, and some engagement photos.

In the corner is one of our SONOS speakers and a basket for blankets.


Let me know if you have any questions on this space.


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