A New Vanity and The Ensuite Design Plan

When we first moved into the house I went on a vanity painting rampage. There was a lot of ugly wood and brass going on that needed to be taken care of and so since vanity painting is such a quick and easy project that results in a huge cosmetic change, I went for it right away.

Except in the ensuite. I changed out the brass knobs almost immediately, and painted the formerly pink walls (and ceiling!) in a light grey (Blank Page by Beauti-tone). And then I kind of forgot about it for eight months. Oops.

I think it’s because changing it from a pink box to the pretty neutral light grey was such a huge relief that I kind of saw past the ugly beaten up wood vanity. We also changed the mirror and hardware in there (towel rods and toilet paper holders etc) and got a new faucet. So with all those changes I thought I could live with the vanity for a while.

Also I hate to admit this but I think I made an error on the vanity in the main bathroom (which you haven’t seen). I painted it the same grey as our kitchen cabinets but it took on a weird purple-blue tone in the bathroom that I really don’t like. Making that mistake and knowing that I would probably need to repaint that at some point almost immediately after finishing it was a bit of a vanity painting buzzkill that didn’t make me excited to pick a colour for the ensuite.

My initial design plan included a mint vanity so I’m glad I waited. But I finally did it.

I digress.


Here’s the bathroom before painting the vanity. Sorry I hauled all my supplies in there before taking pictures but you get the gist.


As I said we had replaced the hardware and got a new faucet (Max wanted a higher one so he could stick his head under there). Also yes that is nasal spray on the counter. I have allergies OK. I put it away in the later pictures.

The wood was pretty beat up and worn looking, especially on the edges of the cabinets and drawers. Since I liked the overall design and shape of the cabinet, painting was a great option here.

I started by taking off all of the hardware and the doors.


I initially planned to change out the hinges but I couldn’t find any black ones that I liked (only oil-rubbed bronze) so I saved them and decided to paint them since that worked so well in the basement bathroom.

Don’t worry I gave them a good scrub.

Then I taped off most of the cabinet. Now, usually I don’t tape because I hate to do it and I think it’s a waste of time. However, this was a pretty small tape job and that corner on the right would have been impossible without it. The wall and trim there would be covered in paint right now. I didn’t bother taping the top since I could cut in fairly easily there and we will be replacing it soon anyway.


I decided to go with black for the vanity. Black always looks so sharp to me, and in a small application like this, really helps to ground the space. Aside from the fleeting moment of wanting a mint green vanity months ago (yuck-I don’t know what I was thinking) I’ve always wanted a black and white bathroom. So this is the beginning of that.

This colour is Black Cat by Beauti-tone. I initially started looking at swatches of paints and getting really confused because all blacks look like a true black on their own but when you compare them suddenly one is blue and one is brown? I ended up going with the paint guy Rick’s suggestion because I trust him and he hasn’t steered me wrong yet. He said he knew the blackest black and it ended up being perfect. I just got a quart in a semi-gloss kitchen and bath formula.



I did a first coat pretty evenly all over and then as soon as that was done, went back in with a second coat where I had started again. At this point it was dry enough to focus on the areas that weren’t initially covered.

Then I let it dry overnight and we ordered a new vanity top.

It’s hard to tell in the pictures because of the brightness settings, but the vanity top, toilet and shower are all an awful shade of almond. My black and white bathroom idea called for a new one, and with this on sale, we jumped on it.

I like the contemporary styling and the absence of the back lip. Painting the cabinet really made the yellow-tone of the top apparent so we can’t wait for this to come in!

Here you can see more of the old yellow toned topper.


And my toothbrush holder conveniently hides gross cracks and stains like this.


If this new topper is everything I’ve dreamed of I’ll likely want one for the powder room as well. Don’t tell Max.

After the dry time, I reinstalled the doors and hardware. I then did a touch up coat on any sparse areas as well as on the hinges. I find the hinges easiest to paint while installed, and this way the screwdriver doesn’t scratch up the new paint while hanging the doors back up.


Doesn’t it look so fresh and so clean

I love it. I’m really excited to work on this room more now but I have to remember to finish old projects before starting new ones, so the expansion of the driveway, the installation of the driveway sign, and new floors upstairs to replace the carpet will have to come first.

But that’s not to say I can’t dream right.


In the future I want to install black and white hex tile in here (they carry it on Wayfair!) and I want to replace the toilet at the same time (this way it will be easier to tile around and also our toilet is almond which is gross and it’s not efficient like the toilets downstairs).

I also want to re-do the shower, either with a pretty new insert or tiling ourselves in a white subway tile.

We’re talking hovercrafts and apes taking over the planet here.

Or at least a few months.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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