A Pretty White Vanity Top

I know it’s been a very long time between posts, 18 days to be exact, which is even longer than I thought. Nothing has really happened in that time at the house and also we went to Winnipeg for like five days so that will be my excuse.

But our new WHITE vanity top came in!

Last time I posted I talked about painting out the vanity and how all of the bathroom was almond and gross.


It looked something like this. I know it’s not too horrific in the picture but it real life the almond colour was very yellow and sad.


It took about two weeks for the new one to come in but it was worth the wait.


Very exciting! Max opened the box before carrying it up the stairs so I could verify it was perfect.

Then he took out some pipes and he said they smelled really horrible and went to wash them out. I’m not a plumber so I’m not entirely sure about this process.


The only thing holding the top on was the plumbing and faucet so as soon as that was off our gross old topper could be lifted right out.

Max ran it to the garage. I’m not sure on the weight of this thing because I didn’t help. Sorry not sorry.


And then it looked something like this. The ease of this really made me interested in maybe converting a dresser or something into a vanity in the future but I like to surprise Max with my hairbrained ideas so I’ll sit on that for now.


Since the old top had a big lip and the new one did not, the gross wall behind the lip had to be dealt with. We sanded it up and painted it Blank Page by Beauti-tone like the rest of the wall.


I expected it to be totally pink back here (the old colour of the walls and ceiling!) but it was mostly white so it wasn’t hard to cover.

I did about three coats with only a few minutes between them. Then we took Remy for a walk while it dried.




While Max had the new top ready on the bedroom floor he drilled a hole above the faucet holes for the stick-thing. I don’t know what it is actually called but it is the thing you pull to close the drain and for some reason the top didn’t come with a hole for it.

He’s very lucky it didn’t crack while he drilled because I did not approve this before he went ahead with it.

And then he just lifted it up and put it on! He reinstalled the faucet and the pipes and it was instantly beautiful.


I didn’t edit these photos at all so you can really see how white the new top is compared to the old almond pieces in the room and also, you can FINALLY TELL that the wall colour I’ve selected for half of my house is in fact not white as some have said, but VERY LIGHT GREY, as I intended.

The new topper instantly made me want a new toilet and to just get the floors done already.



Max had to slow me down a bit with all my grand plans because money. Also because our priority is to first change out the bedroom carpet because my allergies cannot stand it any longer. We also still have a huge hole in the front yard to widen the driveway and a driveway sign to go up.

It’s never-ending. I’m not mad about it, I love projects.


For now I’ll just pretend this angle is all that exists because look how pretty. I love the chrome of the faucet with the bright white counter, and the square sink which really makes it feel more modern and new.


I loaded all my crap back up on it and I just love all the shiny chrome.

This vanity finally looks clean!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll try to come back before another 18 days passes.

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