I Can’t Be Stopped: Shopping #3

I’m in Thunder Bay for work. I don’t know what’s happening at home. I have a HomeSense problem.

These posts are pretty much the standard by now.

The store was having a huge clearance sale. Which is crazy because everything is already so cheap. So many things were 50% off!

Epicurean cutting boards were on crazy sale and I was tempted. Max’s sister  got us some  for Christmas and I love them. I can’t use anything else now. I walked away because I just registered for a bunch of them but THEY HAD THE MEAT ONES.

I just loved this little guy because I love Remy.

This marble table had a crack but I still loved it.

This table with the metal, wood, and glass that I loved before was on sale and they had two!

All the knick knacks all on clearance.

I spent a bit of time looking at dog beds. We’re getting a second pup and would like a second bed for our bedroom that is large enough for the dogs to sleep together and be cute. Also to get them off the floor once we replace the carpet. The other beds are on the main floor and for napping.

When we bought Remy’s bed it was almost $100. It’s memory foam and awesome but I’d like to go cheaper for the bedroom bed.

This chair. Cool from the front but…

So cool from the side! I love the use of different material.

This desk/console was also so awesome. Not really my style but I appreciated it and thought it was interesting to find at HomeSense. I’ve seen these in expensive stores.

I also love the sunburst packages HomeSense has. It’s like a gallery wall starter pack, they’re cheap, and pretty.

I liked the idea of this agate art but didn’t think this was the best execution.

I loved this Give Thanks sign but thought I could make it myself. So I’m going to. Just wait until I convince Max.

I really want a new summer wreath so I looked at the clearance ones but didn’t like any. I have good wreaths for the other seasons but I also always have to think about not clashing with my red door (which I still love, no regrets).

I died over this shelf but it was like $400. This is what I wished the shelf in my living room looked like.

And this is the only thing I bought. It’s technically a blanket but it’s huge and thick. HUGE. It was only $14 and I could use it as a rug. I’m gonna try it around my house when I get home but for $14 I had to.

And that’s all for this round!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll try to be productive this weekend and be able to post a real project next week!


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