Weekend Recap 3

My initial plan for today’s post was to talk all about how I made my master bedroom fan beautiful with my favourite kind of makeover – paint. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) it didn’t work out how I planned and a whole post on it or a how-to of any kind was off the table.

So I decided to do a weekend recap of all the little changes I made around the house instead (including the aforementioned fan).


After almost a year with the stock photos that came in the frames hanging on my wall (and two of the photos were the same – oops) I finally got my act together and changed them out. While I was in Thunder Bay last week I printed some of my favourite pictures in black and white and stuck them in when I got home. Small change but it’s much better and Max said something to the tune of “ABOUT DAMN TIME.”


Just look at that face. Much better than the architecture pictures that were there before.


Also while in the city, I went to Michaels. They were having a sale on all of their letters – and I do love a good monogram. I got this little hanging “M” for a dollar and added it to our wreath holder so it hangs in the center. I think it’s super cute and will work with all our wreaths! Also it’s metal so it should do okay outdoors.


I also got this galvanized “M” which does have a hanger on the back but i just set it on my entryway table for now. I only paid $2 for this one and it was something crazy like $14 originally!


I tidied up the garage over the weekend as well and was pretty proud of it. Max even swept the entire floor which was nice. Of course I didn’t take any pictures. Sometimes the stuff piled against the wall starts to creep towards the centre of the garage and I have to corral it back every so often.

We have garden progress! Despite total neglect and the ridiculous amount of weeds that I refuse to deal with, I grew something! My beans are coming along great and I can’t wait until they’re ready to eat! Shouldn’t be much longer now and beans are my favourite veggie.


We also have some raspberries popping up! They’re just starting and are pretty small but it’s very exciting. When we were looking at the house before we bought it we stood in the yard with Max’s parents and picked and ate some raspberries. Their appearance is a great reminder that we’ve almost lived here an entire year!

I also started reading this latest installment of the Harry Potter series – which I’ve been obsessed with since I was about 10. I’m about halfway through and I don’t know what to think. I’m enjoying revisiting the characters again but it’s written as a play with acts and scenes and is very dialogue based so I find I have to really focus on who is speaking while I read.


I also got a calligraphy set (beginners) at Michaels because if I address my own wedding invitations I can save a million dollars or close to. I spent some time in front of the TV practicing and learning to use it. I am improving but it was pretty rough going to start.


And the fan.

I got it in my head that even though we have a very nice Hunter fan (came with the house) that I could just not live one more day with the mahoghany tones of the blades. It is really hard to tell in most of my pictures, but they were was super RED.

I figured that since they didn’t match the other wood tones in the room, and certainly that since this would be even more obvious once we continued our floors in here, that they had to go and I could paint them pretty painlessly.


Seriously you can’t tell how red it is but you’ll have to trust me that it was not cute.


I figured I would just paint them black (likely spray paint because I’m lazy) but man were these difficult to remove. The old owners who put the fan together must have never wanted the blades to spin off because I couldn’t even unscrew them. I had to have Max loosen each screw first (and even he struggled) and then I went behind him and finished unscrewing and took the blades off.

So already I had failed at the quick and easy fix I thought I could do all on my own.

But then…


I discovered that the other side of the blades were already black and this was an even easier fix than I thought! I just had to flip the blades over and re-attach them. You can finally see in this picture (above) how RED they were. I gave them a good scrub and screwed them back on with the black side down. I didn’t screw them quite as ridiculously tight as the previous owners so if the blades fly off while the fan is on that’s on me.


It looks so much better! I think every room needs a touch of black and it is certainly better than the red mahoghany colour.

And that’s about it for this weekend’s updates. We’re still working on the driveway expansion (currently have a large hole that at least one person drove into) and the driveway sign and we will get those done someday! Unfortunately a lot of our time this weekend that could have been spent on that was spent learning to snake a toilet and playing around with that for three hours Saturday afternoon after someone at our party Friday night clogged it.

We can’t do it and I told Max to just call a plumber (aka I gave up).

Let me know if you have any questions or know how to fix my basement toilet!






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