A Layered Bed

Sleep is very, very important to me.

Every night Max and I go to bed at 10:30 pm, because Max has to get up for work early and because we’re secretly old folks. I don’t have to work until 8:30 am, but I still go to bed at the same time as him because nine hours is honestly ideal for me. Less than eight and I’m miserable.

So, since I love sleep so much, obviously my bed is very important to me.


Our mattress is the Sleepwall Lull and it is the most comfortable bed in the world. It’s extra firm, so it is very supportive, but it is also a pillowtop so it’s not too hard. I have no regrets having picked out this bed when Max and I decided to move in together.

Also when we moved in together, I picked out our bedding. Having always wanted to sleep on one of those fancy store display beds that resembled fluffy clouds, white was clearly the only choice for me. Another thing I have no regrets about.

White bedding is the best. So easy to bleach if it gets dirty, and so easy to LAYER with other colours and bedding. Our comforter set is from Target (RIP) and I got the King size even though our bed is a Queen because I’m a notorious blanket hog and this way Max is more likely to get a bit of the covers.


Recently, while we were registering, I took particular notice in the layering that was going on in all of those fancy cloud bedding displays in store. I became obsessed with layering in a blue quilt on our bed (because navy blue is everything), and I registered for the most gorgeous indigo quilt that I really hope  I we get.

In the meantime, I started playing around with the new blanket I picked up in Thunder Bay, folding it in every possible manner and laying it on the bed in every way possible.


Want to know one of my worst nightmares? It’s this:


The bed in a bag. So matchy matchy and horrible. No offense if you have a bed in a bag, but I sincerely hope those are not the only pieces you’ve used in styling your bed. I much prefer to mix and patch different pieces to create a beautiful unique and layered cloud (I’m really obsessed with this cloud bed idea – you can ignore it). In the spirit of layered beautiful beds here is a collection of beds I have stared at and studied for a very long time because that’s a normal things to do:


Don’t get me started on the wall behind the bed because I could go on and on about that in itself. We’re focussing on the bed here. Notice the layers? The two layers of different patterned pillow cases and then the throw pillows on top, the blue sheets, the white duvet, the blue quilt. It’s awesome. This confirms I need a blue quilt.


This set is by Ralph Lauren who can do no wrong, especially in navy. I love the buffalo check like plaid and the many layers of pillows here.


The masculine fur throw with the romantic coverlet. I can’t say much more really.


This is by Jenna Sue Design and I love this whole bedroom really. Look at the layering of the quilt, duvet, and then an added throw as well. also the bed skirt is super cute, I need one of those so you can’t see my under bed storage bins.


This navy quilt is beautiful folded at the foot, and the monogrammed pillow and touch of pattern in the shams is super cute.


This is from Sarah at Life on Virginia Street. This makes me want to go buy my damn navy quilt myself. It perfectly breaks up the white duvet. In other news, I’m obsessed with the chandelier, but I digress.


Do you understand the need for a blue blanket at the end of the bed yet? Also those pillows are awesome. The symmetry is not something I would do but I can appreciate it.


This is kind of the opposite – the duvet blue with the white quilt.




Here’s my bed.

I layered the new blue blanket from HomeSense like the quilts I had been obsessed with by folding it and then turning down the comforter edge over the edge of the blanket.

The pillows in the very back are just our standard size pillows in the sheet set pillowcases, which are anchor print by Ralph Lauren. The next pillows are the king size pillows which are in the shams that came with our comforter. I then have a hypo-allergenic Euro pillow and case from Sears and two throw pillows from Wal-Mart. The navy bolster is from HomeSense.

I am very pleased with the layering so far but the great thing about putting a bed together this way is that it only gets better with time. I’m looking forward to incorporating a real quilt someday and maybe changing up the pillows (because it’s me).

Let me know if you have any questions or if this level of bedding design is something only I am interested in.



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