It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Shopping #4)

That’s right, it’s fall.

It may still be August and the temperature may have been 30 degrees today in Thunder Bay but HomeSense has pumpkins everywhere so I’m going with it.

Basically, my favourite season is here and I went shopping.

I’m in Thunder Bay for a few days this time so I went to a couple places (branching out from HomeSense for this post – weird I know).

The first thing I noticed at HomeSense were the fall wreaths. I am now obsessed with getting one of these.

I may go back for this white pumpkin one.

Next I saw this table. It was sitting outside the store and I was immediately drawn to the industrial vibe of it.

I was thrilled to find out the crank actually worked and of course put it all the way up and all the way down and sent pictures to Max to get his opinion.

It was marked at $99 which I didn’t think was bad but then I noticed the crank action was wearing the paint off the back.


So I negotiated in a retail store because I am a #barterking and I got it for $80. Once I set it to the right height I can touch up the black and it won’t rub off again since the crank won’t be used as often as it was in the store.

Then again I may not paint it and embrace the industrial chippy paint as is.

I haven’t decided yet.

They also had these cute industrial stools. I don’t know where these were when I was searching for stools for months!
They had so many adorable fall linens and table decor.

These pumpkin kitchen towels fell into my cart.

I thought these poufs were so cool and the texture was awesome.

This giant wood sunburst mirror was so cool and well made. It was also like $180 so I walked away.

The pillows this trip were on point. I loved these furry deer ones. ALSO THE PLAID ONES ARE SO FALL.

I fell in love with this antler bolster and it came home with me.

I loved the texture of this pillow, reminiscent of a Moroccan wedding blanket. It wasn’t down filled though so I couldn’t do it.

All. The. Pumpkins.

Look how cute this wood one is.

The fall decor was crazy. I want all these pumpkins but Max would kill me at $15 each. I have a plan to get the look for less.

I loved these velvet pumpkins and this velvet look is very in for fall. I snagged some grey guys.

I also love owls. I don’t know why.

And you also have to know that everybody needs a marble pumpkin.

Next I went to Lowes, which just opened. It’s exciting because there are not many in Canada, but you have to have the right attitude with these US chains. I think the benefit is in the unique product they carry. You can’t expect US dealz.

That’s what went wrong with my beloved Target. Everyone expected the US deals on groceries in a Canadian version of the chain, when all I cared about was that the Threshold line was available to me.

I digress.

I went in the Contractor Entrance apparently because I’m a baller and I couldn’t find the real entrance.

This was just the selection of bathroom faucets, there was another wall of kitchen faucets.

They had a lot of bathroom vanities and vanity tops as well, something I’m interested in lately.

Purdy makes my favourite paintbrush for cutting in and they had a great selection. Other stores here only have one Purdy brush – the one I have.

They had sunburst mirrors because they knew I was coming.

And a ton of appliances.
I was really interested in the paint area – they carry Sherwin Williams which is unique and even had the HGTV line.

And Valspar! I don’t know of anywhere you can get this in Canada.

And they have almond toilet seats! Good to know since I have a lot of almond toilets.

They also carried Allen + Roth lighting.

And that’s about it for this trip!

I’ll let you know if I end up snagging a fall wreath!


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