New Doors! (Kind Of)

This past weekend Max was on fire call and so we couldn’t run off to camp or go fishing or do anything fun (thanks Max).

The good thing is this means we got a lot done. Max had a couple projects to work on, including the driveway hole (which is almost done and I will post on), and replacing a bunch of boards on the deck at the fourplex (which I didn’t take pictures of so I can’t post on). This meant I had a lot of time on my hands while Max worked outside or away from the house.

So I finally did something I should have done a long time ago.

I started painting doors.

This is the door into our house from the garage. It is still the sad grey blue colour that was also on the front door of the house when we moved in. Sorry my garbage is in the shot.

On our initial project list from when we moved in I had planned to paint this door WHITE and then add a red wooden star that had once hung on my mother’s door. It ended up getting pushed back because the garage is not heated and I couldn’t paint it all winter. And then this summer I was too lazy and we had too many other projects.

And when it came time to finally paint it, well, it didn’t end up white.

You can see in the first photo that I tested my favorite navy blue paint (Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-tone) and I ended up going with it. I didn’t have enough white paint and I didn’t want to go buy some, so I thought I could use what I had and I love how it turned out.


Then I pulled out the star and thought about how I could attach it.

I ended up going with some command strips ( I know I used a lot but this is on a metal door that gets slammed a lot and also gets very cold in the winter so I wanted to make sure it was stuck).


I love how it turned out. Horrific lighting in the garage and it still looks great.


When Max got home he had to check to see how I attached it because he actually thought I would try to screw it through a metal door. Ye of little faith.


Then I moved on to the other exterior doors. I have one on the outside of the garage (aka the garage man-door).

This door was disgusting. I scrubbed it with a gritty sponge and some bleach cleaner, using some very hot water in my watering can. The bugs and dirt from general use were horrifying. I guess this is the door the lawn tools get dragged out of and the one muddy boots kick closed but it was disgusting and I hated cleaning it.

Once it was cleaned, I taped off the ugly yellow bit so I could paint it white.

I don’t know if this was always yellow, but it had to go either way. I painted the yellow bits on both sides of the garage man-door.

Better, right?


I also did the back door that leads to the deck and the backyard.


Pretty. And not yellow.

I’m feeling pretty stupid that I didn’t make this easy fix earlier, to be honest.


Now with my red front door, all four exterior (metal) doors in my home are pretty.


And not yellow.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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