The Driveway Sign Install : Part One

A long, long time ago I had Max cut me a tree cookie and spent many hours in an uncomfortable position on the floor wood burning it until it looked something like this:


You can check out the initial driveway sign post here.

And then it sat in our garage for a few months.

We finally decided it would look better hanging, and started to prep the area to do so.

The first night was strictly tree removal.


First Max took this thing in there – which looks like a weed wacker but has like a circular saw blade on it? Of course I don’t remember what it is actually called. He used this to get all the smaller trees and branches first.

Once that was done we got the chainsaw because we had two decent sized trees to take out.

They were of course right next to and leaning towards the telephone line.


He managed to get them both to fall the other way.

And then he sliced them up and it took three trips to get all the tree bits to his dad’s big burn pile.


We called it quits for the day once the trees were all done. It was pretty dark at this point already. The next day I assessed the area and decided how I wanted the base landscaping to look.

I had Max flatten the area and dig two holes for the sign posts. He also trimmed the tree stumps as far down as he could.

He measured the holes to 2 ft deep, then he measured and cut the sign posts (which were 4x4s) to 7 ft.

We had two 4x4s, one 8 ft long and one 12 ft long. We cut each to 7 ft so we were left with a 1ft piece to go to the scrap wood pile, and a 5ft piece for the top of the sign.

Next I got some water (11L) to mix some concrete.

Max mixed it in the wheelbarrow as per the instructions on the bag until the consistency was ideal.



Then it went into the hole with the post. There was a lot of levelling and measuring to make sure the posts were even and 3 ft apart. With the 2 ft hole, the 7 ft posts stick out of the ground 5 ft.



My phone died so I had to use Max’s to take pictures and the quality might not be the same so I apologize for that.


Once the posts were in there with the concrete we made sure they were still even and level. You could twist them a bit into perfect position.


And we had the beginnings of a sign!


We left these to dry overnight but not before testing the top piece and making sure it was level.


Stay tuned for the next part, where we will attach that top piece and hang the sign (finally). The dirt mound at the bottom will look a lot better once we cover it with some pretty gravel.

Let me know if you have any questions.




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