The Driveway Sign Install: Part Two 

When I left off on the driveway sign install we had put the posts in the ground with the concrete and left them to set overnight. If you missed the post on that you can check out Part One of the Driveway Sign Install here. You can also read my first Driveway Sign post here if you want to read about my brainstorming and the woodburning process.

The next day Max and I went to Home Hardware on our lunch breaks to make sure we had everything to get the sign up that night.

Max used two of these “T” brackets on the back of the frame to attach the top piece.


Then he put these big bolts down through the top of it to make sure it really wasn’t going anywhere. He made sure to drill pilot holes first.


We also picked up two of each of these screw in hooks at home hardware. One kind had a full loop and Max screwed them into the sign. The other kind were more open and he attached those to the frame. He also used pilot holes for this.

Then he strung some chain we picked up through the loops on the sign and hung each on the open hook on the frame.

And then he cut the excess chain away which proved very difficult.

Next he poured some gravel at the base to make the dirt mound a little prettier.

Meanwhile, I took out this stain that we used on the porch at the front of the house.

Of course I took a picture of the French side but it is a custom colour anyway.

I started to paint the frame.

And I had Max take the sign down so I didn’t drip all over it.

Once I was done we hung the sign back up and it was very dark so we called it a night.

The next morning I gave the sign four coats of this poly. I waited an hour between coats but I definitely wanted a thick layer.

And now we have a driveway sign!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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