Painting Pumpkins and Saving Money

You may remember the last time I was in Thunder Bay and I put up a shopping post there were a lot of pumpkins involved.


As much as I wanted to buy all of them, I like Max and I want him to stick around. The amount of throw pillows I have brought into our house is bad enough (43), and so I’m not sure he or our bank account would tolerate a million $30 pumpkins.


I got crafty.


I picked up a couple different size pumpkins at the dollar store, three larger different shaped ones and then a pack of little guys. They obviously felt a lot cheaper than the HomeSense ones, and the horrible paint jobs weren’t helping to make them appear more expensive either.



First, I used some hot glue to make sure the stems were attached well as they were pretty flimsy.


Yes my hot glue gun is pink.


Then I took them into my painting room (aka the workshop in the garage) and laid them on some cardboard to spray.


This is the white spray paint I used.


I did about two coats, making sure to flip my pumpkins.


And then I used some black paint for the stems and to paint an “M” on one because I am still obsessed with monograms.



And then I moved them back inside. The white makes them look a lot classier and you can’t tell how inexpensive they are unless you pick them up.


You could brush on a chalk paint for a more rustic look but I decided to spray because #lazy.


Now I’m moving them around my house to find the perfect spot.




Such a quick and easy craft and they look super cute.


The little ones look pretty under my cloche with some pinecones.

I added some drips to the top of these ones by flicking my paintbrush over them.


The felt leaf underneath is also from Dollarama.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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