It’s Happening! New Flooring in the Office-Part 1

Back when we were house hunting, we went to look at a lot of houses, even putting an offer in on one and losing it (I’m still bitter about it-even though the house we ended up getting is so much better) before we looked at the house we own now.

It was up for private sale, and though the owners had already moved, because we knew them, they were willing to allow us to go view the house on our own. It was quite a bit over budget, but it came with a pool table and two freezers, so Max really wanted to go see it.

I convinced myself it was too expensive for me to like and did my best to not get excited about it.

Then I opened the door and said “Oh Crap.”


Because I was instantly in love with the floors.

The previous owners installed these all throughout the main floor, up the stairs and on the landing, before selling the house. I could not have picked flooring I liked better myself.

The colour of these floors is called “Cabin” which makes a lot of sense considering the warm, worn, rustic look of them.


They are from Home Hardware and are the InStyle Flooring Heritage collection, found here.


I love them.

If Max bought the house for the pool table and freezers alone, I bought the house for the floors.


We’ve done a lot to this house, mostly cosmetic, to make it our own. I’m very sad to have started to document our changes so late in the game, and not have any true “before” pictures of the house with it’s crazy paint colours and the orange kitchen cabinets that immediately had to be changed. Despite all that, this flooring showed me how much potential the house had, and I honestly don’t think we would have bought it if the flooring hadn’t been done already.


We knew when we were house shopping that we wanted to be able to do some DIY and that my love of design and decorating were going to come out in full force, and so we made a list of the things we would do if we got this house immediately after looking at it.

One of the things on the list was continuing the beautiful floors into the bedrooms, which were carpeted.


I hate all carpet, but I hate this carpet especially after living with it for just about a year now;

  1. It’s dirty, and grosses me out just thinking about all the dirt I cannot see. I would much rather be able to see the dirt and be able to clean it up than “hide it” hands down. I hear people talking about getting the perfect colour rug or sofa to “hide the dirt” Ew, no. Don’t hide it, have it completely visible so you can clean it up.
  2. I’m allergic to everything. Dust. Pollen. Hair. Outside. Much of my life is spent sneezing, and carpet does not help with this.
  3. We have a golden retriever. I love her a lot and I accept the hair, but I would much rather be able to suck up her tumbleweeds of hair easily from the wood flooring, than smear it all over the carpet while trying to vacuum.
  4. This carpet is very high pile and “fluffy” which is even more gross, because more fluff means more stuff the vacuum can’t get out of it (and we have a wonderful Dyson, so we’re doing our best here). Also, this means the doors don’t close easily over it. Max can’t even have a closet door right now because it is such a pain to open it over the carpet.
  5. It’s grey, but really it’s blue. I have a love for grey tones and consistently use them throughout my house, but there is a specific type of grey I like and it is fairly warm toned. These carpets are very cool toned and blue looking, which you can see if you look at the office picture above.
  6. Spills. Wipe up a spill on wood flooring and then on carpet and tell me which was easier.
  7. It wasn’t just ours, and it is very old. Yes, over the past year this carpet has absorbed all kinds of our dirt and skin cells. But for god knows how many years before that, it was gathering the previous owners dirt. This takes me back to the gross factor.

I could go on but I think you get the gist.

So when we decided we were finally going to tackle the floors, I was very excited.


We did up this shrewd diagram and calculated how many square feet we would need for the three bedrooms and figured out it would cost us about $1000 to do all of it.

So we decided to break it up, starting with the office (smallest room and the worst condition of carpet), and went to Home Hardware to order some flooring.

It will be in next Wednesday. In the meantime, we ripped up the carpet (I use “we” loosely, it was mostly Max).

We started by emptying the room and putting all the stuff into the bedroom next to it, which of course stresses me out because I don’t like having stuff out of place laying around but I’m getting over it.

Then we removed the baseboards and labelled them and the wall so we would know where each piece went back.

And Max removed all the nails in them before storing them in the other room.


And then I realized how gross the carpet was when I saw the old, much lighter colour under the baseboards and almost vomited.


Next Max used a x-acto knife to cut down the length of the carpet and pull it off the tack strip on the edge.


And then he rolled it up.

He used some rope to tie the roll and hauled it out to the garage.


And then he did the same with the second piece.

He ripped up all of the tack strips on the edge on the room and threw those out as well.


And he peeled up the tape on the underlayment and rolled that up and took it out too.

Max also spent some time removing some staples in the underlayment that had stayed in the subfloor, and vacuuming the entire thing.

So finally we have a nice bare surface, uncarpeted, and ready for flooring! I can’t wait for it to come in and to share the finished product in the Part 2 post.


I may even try to convince Max to get the underlayment down so we’re ready when the flooring arrives.


It already feels so much cleaner.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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