One Year Later

Sunday September 11, 2016 (aka two days ago) marked the one year anniversary of Max and I closing on our house.

In celebration and remembrance, I’m going to go through a whole house tour and make a nice little list of everything we managed to complete this past year! It’s also a chance to get a peek at some spaces that we’ve started to work on but I haven’t yet posted about, and get an overall current state of the house update.

When we first moved in we worked at an insane speed. Every night after work we would DIY and paint and build for hours before bed, and then we would do it all again the next day. Eventually, after about a month, we slowed down, moving onto larger projects with larger timelines and bigger budgets outlining said timelines.

But overall I’m really happy with what we accomplished in a year and cannot wait to see what we have done next year at this time.

Let’s get into it I have a feeling this will be a large post.


If you look close you can see Remy in the window wondering why I’m outside taking pictures.

On the outside of the house we:


In the garage, we:

  • decommissioned and got rid of an old, energy-sucking fridge
  • updated the garage man door into the house and added a star
  • insulated the workshop area, which had previously only been framed in (look for an update on this soon)
  • added a can crusher to the wall, and our recycling areas
  • moved my car in, of course
  • changed lightbulbs out for CFLs
  • added drywall to the outside wall of the workshop – which I may tape and mud if I feel ambitious


In the back porch/mudroom area, we:

  • added our rugs so we didn’t drag dirt all through the house
  • painted the walls Blank Page by Beauti-Tone
  • removed a bunch of hooks from the wall, leaving only one set in the recessed area
  • added an ottoman so we had a place to sit while putting shoes on
  • added Remy’s dog butt hook from IKEA, for her collar and leash



In the kitchen, we:


In the kitchen banquette area, we:



In the front door/foyer area, we:



In the powder room, we:

  • painted the walls Blank Page by Beauti-tone, they were previously a light blue
  • changed out the flooring for luxury vinyl tile, which we installed and grouted ourselves
  • changed out the lighting to a plain silver light
  • painted the vanity cabinet Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-tone
  • painted a wooden bench from the porch white, and brought it inside with some pillows to fill the space behind the door where the washer and dryer used to be
  • filled in the dryer vent hole in the floor
  • changed out the towel rod and toilet paper holder, from oak to silver
  • added a mirror

In the living room, we:


In the dining room, we:


Upstairs, we changed up the office by:


In the other bedroom we:


In the master bedroom, we:

  • moved the fan in from one of the other bedrooms
  • changed the colour of the fan blades (by flipping them over)
  • hung the curtain rods nice and high
  • I made curtains myself and hung them up
  • painted the walls Let’s Get Cozy by Beauti-tone
  • removed some cables for TV and an ugly hunk of wood off the wall
  • hung the headboard I made in the apartment
  • changed up pillows endlessly
  • moved in a chair we got from Max’s parents garage
  • hung a sunburst mirror, because I’m obsessed
  • moved all my crap into the closet because Max is awesome and let me have it to myself


In the ensuite we:

  • painted the vanity cabinet black and changed the hardware
  • added a new vanity top
  • painted the walls Blank Page by Beauti-tone (previously pink including the ceiling)
  • added some art
  • removed a horrible medicine cabinet from the wall and added a nice simple mirror
  • changed out the oak hardware(towel bars, toilet paper) for chrome
  • changed the faucet for a high arch chrome one



In the main bathroom upstairs, we:

  • painted the walls Let’s Get Cozy by Beauti-tone and the ceiling white (both were previously blue)
  • painted the vanity Hearth Stone by Beauti-tone (a mistake I am correcting)
  • added our shower curtain
  • replaced the lights with a new vanity light and a plain silver overhead light
  • removed the medicine cabinet and put up a new mirror
  • replaced the knobs and hardware (towel rod) with brushed nickel
  • fixed the bathroom towel closet (which wasn’t closing properly)
  • added a new shower curtain rod
  • hung some lettering art and new towels

On the stairs leading to the basement we:


In the main basement area, we:

  • knocked down a wall to the furnace room
  • replaced the wall further back to re-enclose the furnace
  • drywalled the area and added a door
  • installed new flooring in the area and added trim and a silver transition strip
  • painted the new bar area Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-tone and the rest of the basement Let’s get Cozy by Beauti-tone. Painted all the ceiling white (previously tan)
  • built a bar out of pallets and added a counter
  • added a shelf behind the bar
  • added some décor (tin signs) and some stools
  • added décor and rearranged furniture in the rest of the basement
  • got a dartboard and a ping pong topper for the pool table
  • added curtains and a rod (hung high) behind the TV to minimize glare


In the unseen rooms of the basement (laundry, freezer and furnace rooms) we:

  • moved in a futon bed in case anyone needs to spend the night
  • got a new washing machine after ours died
  • added some storage shelving and our filing cabinet
  • cleaned all the filters for water, the furnace, etc


In the basement bathroom we:

And throughout the house we:

  • made sure all the light switch and outlet covers matched (they were all different before)
  • spray painted any brass we could find, including the vent covers for the air ducts in the floor (doorknobs are next)

And that’s how much you can get done in a year!

I hope to post a list of what we hope to accomplish in the future soon.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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