Future Plans and The “House To Do” List

In my last couple posts, I mentioned wanting to talk about our future plans in the house and the “House To Do” list that we created before we even moved in. So that’s what I’m going to do.

The actual physical list is on our fridge and is constantly updated. I have it saved as a word document, so I can move things that have been completed to the end of the list and strikethrough them, and of course, every time I cross off one thing I add two new things to the top of the list.

I think you get how lists work; here are some things that are on the list now that we want to do, I will post again in the future with some more of the things on the list:


A new floor in the upstairs main bathroom, or the “bathtub room.” This room currently has the ugly old linoleum that all the bathrooms in our house came with. I hope to put the same luxury vinyl tile that we used in the powder room in here.


In the ensuite upstairs, we also want to change out the flooring as it is still sporting the ugly linoleum.


I’m hoping for a black and white hex tile in here.


Something I hope to do throughout the house is to spray paint or replace all the brass door knobs and closet knobs. I also want to get a pretty new door handle for the front door, likely in black. And maybe a prettier door bell. We thought it broke and were looking at some new ones awhile ago but it turns out the battery just died.


I also want to replace the ugly sconces in the living room. The shaded glass (brown ombre!) and the oil rubbed bronze really aren’t my taste.


I hope to replace them with these sconces from Canadian Tire.


Also in the living room I hope to replace the couches eventually, and perhaps get a nest chair! I also want to build some kind of bench for Remy at the front picture window because she likes to look out. We may also add an electric fireplace someday and try build it in to look more permanent.


In the powder room, I hope to replace the yellowed vanity top with a white one like we did in the ensuite and get a new waterfall faucet. The issue is a waterfall faucet in brushed nickel at a reasonable price is hard to find.

I also want a new faucet for the upstairs main bathtub bathroom but I’m not sure on the style I want.

In the basement bath I just need a new light for it to be considered “done.”

Right now it is just a vanity style track light with four light bulbs in a row. I don’t have any decent pictures of it because I hate it.

Another thing I want to do (or get Max to do) is pressure wash the siding and secure the weatherstripping around the garage door, which is a little loose because the screws are fairly far apart.


In the kitchen I eventually want to replace the laminate countertops with a marble-look quartz, install a subway tile backsplash, and of course get a range hood (recirculating).

I also really want a Moravian star light in the mudroom area that is off the kitchen and connects to the garage.


And I think that’s enough of my crazy plans for today!

Like I said I have many things on the list and will share some more later. It’s important to note that I do not expect this to be a quick process by any means, but it is fun to dream.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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