New Flooring in the Office – Part 2

Well, we officially have flooring done in one of the bedrooms! Our flooring came in on Wednesday as expected and Max was able to get it all done by Friday night!

When I last left off here, we had all the carpet and underlayment up and the bare subfloor was ready for something new.

Max started by laying the underlayment perpendicular to the way we wanted to lay the floors.


We got this great underlayment that has tape on one side so it is fairly easy.

He just cut the strip to fit and then went on to the next strip.

He tried to pull and cut it to make it as flat as possible.

When you lay the next strip you tape them together.

He tried to tape them as straight as possible.

It took almost three strips for this room. The last one had to be cut and he used the scraps for in the closet.

The underlayment is essentially floating. Then he laid his first row of flooring. He wanted to do things really well so he cut off the connecting edge of the first boards so they would lay flush against the wall.

He also had to cut out the area for the vent on that first row.

The next rows went much faster after that.

He just snapped each row into place and then cut the last board to fit. The leftover piece from the cut would start the next row.

Meanwhile I discovered that the trim when reinstalled would no longer reach the old paint line because the new flooring was so much smaller than the old high pile fluffy carpet.

I went all around the room and gave it a quick sand and then painted over it to make sure it was low enough that the trim would cover.

And Max finished up the closet boards, cutting to fit around the doorframe. Then we used the air compressor to nail the trim back in place.

And finally we were able to move the furniture back in! I was also able to finally put my vintage deer rug where I always intended.

Remy, lover of all carpets, tried out the new rug immediately.

I think it looks so much better and so much cleaner than the gross blue carpet.

Here’s a refresher as to how it looked before.

And here’s a side by side so you can really see the difference.

I love it! Max said it seems like it was there all along which I think is a good thing!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick.



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