Changing Things up – New Pieces and New Chairs

Recently, I’ve done a fair bit of rearranging around my house, taking some things out, but mostly adding some new purchases and a few thrifty makeovers.

So I’m going to dump all that information here now.

The first thing is this little owl I picked up at the Salvation Army. He was a bright chrome silver but Max said he wanted him black so I busted out the spray paint.


And then I put him on top of my cabinets next to the galvanized milk can that I spray painted a few weeks back and said I would show you.


Next up is this adorable fire truck pillow that my dad found in the kids section at HomeSense and I had to buy to make Max happy. He’s a volunteer firefighter, so I stuck this in the basement, moving it around a couple times.


This is where it’s sitting right now.


I also picked up these grey velvet pumpkins at HomeSense and they are currently on my coffee table with the felt leaf placemat from Dollarama underneath.


These pumpkins that I shared in this post are sitting on the buffet in the dining room.


I got this tin sign from my mom and Max and I hung it in the bar area.


I finally added this deer rug to the office now that we have new flooring in there. I love it.


And…I bought some more pillows. I know I have a problem. I decided I wanted a cozy looking bed heading into fall and winter so I had no choice but to buy some new pillows really.

The center pillow is actually just a new pillow cover that I put on my euro square. I got it with a Sears giftcard I’ve had in my wallet for years.

The two pillows on the sides are similar to a velvet look but they’re not really velvet? They are very soft and came in a pack of two from HomeSense.

The bolster in the front I fell in love with, also from HomeSense. The antlers are fur and the rest of the pillow has a great texture, similar to tweed.

I have had the fur blanket for over a year now, it is from The Bay.


Last but not least, are my new chairs. Aren’t they pretty?


This fall, my brother moved to Thunder Bay for college, and my upholsterer uncle offered him some chairs he had in his shop to help furnish his new apartment.

As soon as I saw these I knew I couldn’t let them go to a college boys apartment, so after a lot of bargaining back and forth, I traded one of my large brown recliners and a dinner out next time I’m in Thunder Bay for work for these two beauties.


Just look at the nailhead trim.


I think they frame my window and tv stand really well.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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