How I Update My Chalkboard Wall 

Before we even knew what house we were buying, I knew we would have a chalkboard wall.

As an avid reader of design blogs, I had seen a ton of them used in all different styles of rooms and they always looked so fun. I also am a huge fan of having something black in a room to ground the space – and why not have that something be your wall?

I really wanted to paint one in the apartment a couple years ago but then I figured maybe our future tenants wouldn’t have the same appreciation for chalkboard art as I do.

So I waited. And on our first full day of living in our new house, my friend Shelby and I brought out the scary black chalkboard paint and started slapping it on this wall (seriously, slapping – Shelby was not a very experienced painter).

Although I initially thought it would be a fun place for everyone to write and draw – I quickly realized my crazy uptight brain would not allow it and it became mine and mine only. A place for pretty seasonal chalkboard art.


I’ve had many different messages up here throughout this past year. I usually switch it up for the seasons and then of course there was a special Christmas one. You can see all my previous chalkboard art on my Instagram.

So, how do I go about updating this chalkboard wall in my kitchen banquette?

I start by eliminating the previous season’s art. I just use a wet rag to wipe down the whole wall. This time I did it on my lunch break, since I like to give it a lot of time to dry (it is just drywall, after all).

Next I hit up Pinterest for some ideas as to my next art. I just search the season and “chalkboard” and get a lot of ideas back. I usually like to combine a phrase or wording with some seasonal clipart. I just pin the ideas I like for later.

This one I liked because of the mason jar art with the branches in it. I thought I could use that to fill the smaller space at the bottom of my chalkboard. I also saw a quote I really liked in this photo (hint hint).

I also really liked the way these leaves look and the idea of drawing fall leaves all over along with some acorns (since my pinecones just look like blobs).

I liked the pumpkin from this art, it was shaded really well. I also like that it is surrounded by vines and got some inspiration here for my pumpkins and some vines coming off of them.

And here is the main event. This phrase won out over a few options, not only because I love the saying, but also because it is a quote by F.Scott Fitzgerald and I love The Great Gatsby.

This is a pin from Dear Lillie, one of my favourite blogs. You can also buy this art as a print from her here. I really liked her fonts so I decided to try my best to recreate it.

This is where I get really tired really fast, mostly because drawing over my head makes my shoulders hurt. To do all my chalkboard art, I put my phone on the table below playing one of my favourite shows (Friends, Sex and the City – this time is was the latter) and settle in because this is not a quick process.

I am not an artistic person by any means, and this does not come easily to me. However, I can usually copy a photo pretty well if I go slow enough. I pull up the photo on the iPad (for the larger view) and start from the beginning.

I wish I could say I had some special easy trick but I really don’t. I know lots of people use stencils and get all technical but I don’t have the patience for that.

If I make a mistake I just wipe with the wet rag and continue. It helps to back up and take a look every once in a while to make sure your scale is right, but other than that, I just freehand.

I got all the words down in about 1.5 – 2 hours and then took a break to watch Neighbours 2 with Max.

When the movie was over I went back and added some falling leaves, pumpkins, and the mason jar of branches to the design. It was pretty late at this point so the pictures are a bit dark.

Next I take a bunch of pictures of the final product because it takes a long time and at this point I’m glad it’s done for another few months.

My last step is always to instagram it. I try to get the same angle for each instagram photo of this corner, and I always use the “Nashville” filter.

I have a hard time understanding how people manage to keep up instagram themes and I was asking my sister how the heck to do it one day.

She told me to always use the same filter and eventually your feed will flow better.

So I do, and this filter gives everything a hint of navy blue so I love it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick.




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