The “House To Do” List Continued

When I last posted about all of our plans for our house, I mentioned that I had many more and would share them in the future. Well, the future is here.

Let’s just jump right into it because the list is long and I may try to fit the remaining things into this post (spoiler alert, I don’t).

The first thing is my outhouse. Yes we have an outhouse, but no I don’t have any pictures of it. Right now it is in a pretty decrepit state (for an outhouse) and is not painted nor does it have a door. However, with a little work I think we could really fix it up and make it usable. I hope to eventually give the inside and outside a coat of paint (A paint sprayer would be handy for that, but I’m just dreaming), add a door, and some toilet paper, and call it a day.

Max doesn’t want to put a door on because he appreciates the view while using an outhouse, but that’s not going to happen.

I think it would be great for when we are outside having a fire, or when we’re working in the yard and you don’t want your muddy shoes tracking through the house, or even for kids playing outside in the distant future.


Another thing we have to do is touch up the window paint on the outside especially, but also on the inside. My only hesitation is trying to match the brown colour of the frames. We also want to caulk around the toilets inside but that may have to wait until the new flooring is in all the bathrooms.


Another thing I want to do is replace the light in the dining room. I actually really like the current light, which was brass when we purchased the house and I spray painted black, but it is not big enough to make the statement I’m after, nor does it provide enough light. I hope to move this light to my closet when I replace it.

Speaking of my closet, I also hope to make some cheap custom shelving in there someday – with room for both Max and myself – by letting him go nuts with some cheap wood. I dream of enough shoe shelves for all my boots, and some sort of purse storage because I have an addiction.



Coming up soon I want to paint the guest room (my makeup room). Partially because it is the only room that hasn’t been painted, but also because I have no choice. When we take out the carpet the trim will no longer cover the old paint line! Someday I dream of a wood accent wall in there as well.


Similarily, when we change out the flooring in the master bedroom some other changes will come with it as well.


I really want a jute rug for beneath the bed and a sheepskin on either side like in this picture from Jenna Sue Design.


We’re also going to have to build a gate for our doghouse under the stairs soon so we can use it in lieu of a kennel for our next pup.

I’m also wanting some built ins in the mudroom, preferably a bench with some sort of wall treatment behind it and some better storage. Right now I just have our ottoman there.


I also hope to drywall our weird carpeted stair ledge to the basement in the near future.


I think that is enough of my list for today, I am overwhelming even myself and there are more things to come! My wishlist is long but I also really love the house as it is now. It’s good to know we have a lot of projects on the list becuase I love doing it so much!

Let me know if you have any questions.




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