Shopping #5

I am currently attending and hosting a conference in Thunder Bay so I apologize for the gap in posts. I do get a couple hours each night to myself so I have been doing quite a bit of shopping. Meanwhile, Max is tearing out the carpet in the spare room (my makeup room) while I’m away so I can get to work on it when I get home.

Let’s get into some awesome things I found in HomeSense (of course) and other places around the city.

First of all, let’s just take a moment to look at the shower in my hotel room. It is gigantic – I could fit ten people in it – and has multiple fixtures. I can use body jets, rain shower, the stationary shower head, and the hand nozzle AT THE SAME TIME. The tile is not something I would have chosen but it is pretty and I love the bench.

Moving right along, I saw this cloche in HomeSense and thought it was super cute. I love the colour of the wood base.

This bowl also caught my eye. The inside was some kind of enamel that was really cool.

These marble dishes were also interesting and I considered them as serving dishes but then realized I already registered for serving dishes so I didn’t do it.

I spent a fair amount of time picking out an apron. I’ve wanted one for a while and almost bought one from Anthropologie with my birthday gift 15% off code last month but couldn’t decide on one. I found one I loved here after trying a couple on. It’s really hard to wear an apron and look like a cute baker and not a weird butcher.

This isn’t exciting but I picked up a meat thermometer since mine broke.

I was very impressed to see Kitchenaid mixers here as well. I love mine and got it on a ridiculous deal from Target for $235.

These were $229 so a great deal as well!

I thought these ghost chairs were super cool especially in the gray colour.

They also started to hang all the rugs. I loved this because normally you have to pull them all out from a stack to look at them.

I was obsessed with this giant industrial clock but I have no place for it.

And this wood sunburst mirror from last time was on sale!

I loved this blanket but I need another star blanket like I need a hole in my head.

The pattern on this blanket was very pretty as well.

I loved these pillows, the texture was awesome and they had tassel corners. There were two which was great, I always like to buy pillows in pairs. Looking at them now I am thinking of going back but  Max may kill me.

I also liked this fur blanket which had a buffalo check pattern.

I ended up picking out some frames so I can frame some feathers I’ve been collecting.

And I was obsessed with this table. I don’t need the bench or seats but the table would be great in my entry at the back door. It was too expensive so I walked away.

A couple Christmas items were out already and I thought this furry tree was cool.

This wood tray and tablecloth were pretty.

This candle smelt good and had an awesome container. Would be great for a bar area.

I thought Remy would like this furry dog bed that was super cute.

This is an interesting take on mirrored furniture. The studs make it look very industrial but there was only one and nightstands are usually preferred in two.

Also while in the city, I bought a Hope Philodendron from Lowes for $17.99. Note the picture above is not a philodendron, it is a Fiddle Leaf Fig. I have wanted one for years to put in a basket as shown, but they are expensive, hard to find, and finicky. I decided to go with a philodendron after reading about them on Young House Love. I also got a basket to put it in to achieve this look.

I also went to Michaels where they had A LOT of Christmas stuff out. This pink stuff was very cute but I preferred the more traditional, below.

The sleds were very cute.

I also loved these cute white reindeer though they were not soft like they looked.

And these antler sticks were awesome but expensive.

They had a lot of monograms on sale again.

I also thought these turkey candles were awesome.


I went to Salvation Army as well where I must have been tired because I really liked these chairs?

I also loved this rattan bar stool but there was only one.

I also stopped at Walmart where I got this fabric for super cheap. I plan to make some pillows with it.

I bought a few other things but I am sure you will see them around my house in the future. My car will be full when I head home tomorrow morning. Sorry Max!


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