Some Updates and A Quick Feather Craft

I’ve been feeling a little behind both in my DIY projects and decorating as well as with the blog. I was out of town for the first week of October and it seems as if I haven’t done anything productive since I returned. I posted 12 times in September, but we’re halfway through October and this is my second post this month!

That being said, I do have some exciting projects coming up. I will post about the spare bedroom makeover and design plan very soon (aka my makeup room). Last night I confirmed what direction I want the room to go in and we also decided to remove the popcorn ceilings ourselves so it should be exciting!

For now I just want to share some updates around my house (mostly things I recently got in Thunder Bay) as well as a décor piece I put together a few nights ago.


First up is my Hope Philodendron. I put him in this cute painted basket from Canadian Tire in the corner of my dining room.


I put a clay pot tray under “Phil” to catch any water. I left him in the original pot for now so I don’t stress him out too much.


I also added some mums and some pumpkins to my front porch. I found a Cinderella pumpkin at Lowes and I am obsessed. Looking at this picture now I’m thinking maybe I need another?


I scored a bunch of free stripped cedar logs that are really beautiful. I am not sure what I’m going to do with them yet so for now they are hanging out in my garage, but I’ve been looking up projects on Pinterest.


I also recently got the first bit of my wedding china, four place settings, for my birthday. I washed it all and put it in my banquette.


I picked a very simple silver design and I love it.


I stared at the china in the banquette for far too long after placing it there and ultimately decided it may be too pretty to ever actually eat off of. Here’s hoping I get over that.


And finally, my feather craft.


I had been saving some chicken feathers (or partridge or ruffed grouse) for a while with this project in mind. Last week I picked up some frames in Thunder Bay so I could finally execute it. Each of these frames was $12 but I had a gift card so this was essentially free.


I just took out the paper backing from the frame and flipped it over (#lazy).


And then I arranged feathers for a while until I was satisfied. Once I had an arrangement I liked I used my hot glue gun (which is pink obviously) to glue the backs of the feathers down.

For the two more gray frames, I used the cooler toned feathers and did a group of five (because odd numbers are always best as I explained in this design rules post). I placed every second one upside down for some interest.


Then I just popped it in the frame and called it done.


These two will be going in the newly designed spare room (I think) so I don’t have a picture of them hanging yet but I think they will be very pretty.


For the other more brown frame I made an “M” out of feathers – because you can monogram anything.

Truthfully Max came up with this idea but I ran with it. He may have more design instinct and ideas than I give him credit for.


I hung this one in the mudroom entryway. I doubled up the feathers because the single layer didn’t feel substantial enough and the shape of the “M” was a little wonky.


I think it looks cute here and overall I’m pretty happy with my free five minute crafting abilities.


Let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned for the new spare room design plan and updates because I am super excited about that room now!




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