The Spare Room Design Plan

When Max and I first moved into the house about a year ago we went on a painting rampage, and within a few months of living here every single room in the house had been painted.

Well, every room but one.

The only room left in our house to paint was the spare bedroom. It remained the baby blue that it had been when we moved in because:

  1. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this room design-wise anyway, and;
  2. Future plans for the room made it seem crazy to fix it up only to redo it again in a couple years.

You see, in a number of years when we decide to have children, this room will become the nursery. That is not to say anyone should get excited, because I’m talking distant future here, but it certainly didn’t make sense to me to paint and work on a room only to redo it again in a few years.

Luckily, I changed my mind.

I decided it doesn’t make sense to live with something I don’t like for the next three years or so, and I can make changes that will transfer over when we eventually decide to change the purpose of the room.

This combined with the fact that we were taking the carpet out to replace with our laminate flooring anyway, and the fact that the room would have to be painted in order for the trim to meet the wall colour (and I didn’t have any of the old colour to touch up like I had in the office) meant it had to be done.

You may remember what the room used to look like. This picture is from when we were redoing the office next door and so a lot of the furniture was being stored in here but you get the gist – it was nothing special.


Now, all the furniture from this room has been moved to the office. I also moved all of my makeup into the bathroom where I get ready, and my storage cart of extra products to the powder room next to the bench. So far I like having it down there. I think I may end up selling my vanity desk but I haven’t decided yet.


While I was away last week in Thunder Bay, Max pulled up all the carpet in this room, along with the underlayment, and the staples, similar to what we did for the office floor here.


And now we have this wonderful blank slate.



The thing on the wall is the headboard for the twin bed. I will take that down before we paint don’t worry.


You may have noticed that this room also has popcorn ceilings and a hideous fan. I always planned to replace the fan, but was just going to live with the ceiling until Max changed my mind last night.


We have popcorn in a handful of rooms in this house, just the living room, and bedrooms (as far as I can remember), and maybe a little bit in half of the banquette area too. Max’s argument was that if we were going to do it, we might as well do it now while we don’t have floors down and we plan to paint anyway. He said that it might be good to try removing it in this smaller room as a test to see if we want to tackle it in some of the other larger rooms.

I have no problem with the scraping of the popcorn ceiling, but I am worried about floating it afterwards (mudding and sanding) because I know how much we hated drywalling the bar. Therefore, I let Max decide whether we were going to take this on.

And he said “F it let’s do it.”

So we are.

I hope to start on the scraping tonight and I will of course post about the entire process, as well as periodically posting on our progress redoing this little bedroom.

Until then, have a look at some of my ideas.


This was my original design plan, on the floor of the room and in my head, arranging some pallet wood and paint swatches together until I found a scheme I liked. I actually only have four wall colours throughout my house, and I wanted to stay within those (for consistency and a whole house colour scheme, which I may talk about in a future post) so it wasn’t too difficult of a decision. I have always wanted a pallet wall, I love the texture and colour of pallet wood, and when we made our pallet bar, I was even more convinced to try and use it as a wall treatment. I decided to accent the back wall in this room (like I had in the office with the stripes) with a pallet wall and I couldn’t be more excited to see how it turns out. I initially contemplated painting the room navy (because it’s me) but I decided that might look to dark, especially with the wood wall being so heavy already.

So, I plan to paint the walls Blank Page by Beauti-Tone, with a pallet wall accent and the inside of the closet will be Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-Tone for a fun pop of colour.

Then I decided to be a legitimate decorator and use Photoshop for a real design plan. I took a Media Arts course when I was in Grade 10 where I spent the majority of my time photoshopping hilarious pictures of my friends and this is where it got me, which for my first design plan I think is pretty good.


You can see the wall and closet colours I mentioned, along with the pallet wall. I have the headboard I made and upholstered in there, along with our spare twin bed and some plain gray bedding. I also have a fun pillow on the bed that I have had for years and I love in the space. I may get a new table, as I really want something metal like the one shown, or I may stick with my old wooden nightstand. I love the idea of velvet curtains in the space and I found this awesome flush mount light at Canadian Tire for $34.99.

I don’t have a lot of the smaller design elements and “knick-knacks” picked yet but I do plan on hanging these feather photos in the space.


I think this room will be super fun and I will of course update you along the way.

Let me know if you have any questions!



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