New House Numbers 

When I was in Thunder Bay about a week ago another thing I picked up that I haven’t yet shared were some new house numbers. 

Since we live out of town and our house is not visible from the street it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have numbers directly on the house. Most people have a sign at the road like the one below. 

Not the cutest. 

So when we put the driveway sign up I saw a great opportunity to rid us of the ugly utilitarian number sign. I decided to pick some numbers that I liked for the post of the driveway sign. 

Not an easy task as you can see. There were so many options, with different sizes, styles, and colours. I knew I wanted silver numbers and they had to fit the width of the wood post of the sign so that narrowed my options a bit. Eventually, and with a bit of a consultation with Max, I decided on my favourites. 

When I went to install them I put everything in a little plastic bag. This way I could keep all the little screws, drill bits, and other supplies I needed sealed and lower my chances of losing them while fumbling around near the road. 

Max was away hunting and so an opportunity to use the drill myself was available and I took it. 

I decided vertically on the right post would be best for the numbers. 

And I started by using painters tape (so as not to damage the post or new stain job) to position the numbers how I wanted them. Ideally, if I weren’t alone, I would have had Max hold them up but this worked too! 

I also made sure to take a step back and ensure I liked the positioning. 

Then I took a pen and marked in the centre of each screw hole. I thought I was going to take the numbers off to drill pilot holes but I had a small enough bit to not have to. So I could have skipped this step but still good to find centre anyways. 

You can see my little silver dot here. I used silver in case I got any on the numbers (which I did). It blends in! 

Next I took this very small drill bit and drilled pilot holes in each screw hole in the numbers. 

Then I changed to a Philips head bit and put the screws in one by one. The pilot holes helped make the screws go in easier and without any damage to the wood, as well as helped to hold the screws in place as I simultaneously drilled and took pictures. 


Once all the screws were in I took the tape off. 

And it was perfect. I took a step back once more to make sure they were all in proper position and straight. I also went back over each screw to make sure they were tight. 

I think it looks great. 

Now I just have to get Max to attempt to rip this thing out of the ground. 

I didn’t feel like standing at the road wrestling with it as people drove by looking at me like a crazy person. 

Quick and easy little project but I thought it made a cute bit of difference. 

Let me know if you have any questions.


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